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Welcome to lớn the Xnd Hero Siege project"s page. This is a project initialized in 2019 by Ricola3 chiều, an addicted player of Sogat"s X Hero Siege who was terribly desapointed by Sogat retirement và the fact that X Hero Siege had been not evolving for years. The project is based on the X Hero Siege 3.33 bản đồ, the latest stable version released by Sogat. I started it alone, but want it khổng lồ be a collaborative projet : I am looking for contributors, so if you have sầu ideas or development skills, feel không tính phí lớn join !
The spirit is lớn keep the essence of version 3.33, but fix the bugs, improve the balance and improve specific points. I also want to lớn add some fun, but with always keeping the original spirit. A regular player of X Hero Siege 3.33 should be able khổng lồ master this bản đồ quickly & without effort ! Therefore this is not a copy of Sogat"s work. Aside annoying bugs fixed, there are major improvements, mainly to enhance the balance, teamplay or fun ! For v1.0, there are 2 new heroes, auras have more range & apply on wards, caster and summoners remain efficient in late game, etc...

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2 new pichồng modes, dual+same, dual+random Host can be changed or leave sầu without concern. 3 new heroes: Runemaster, Stone Giant và Myrmidon. 7 new items -bt comm& is always enabled. New -bl command to lớn buy levels. No more exp lost when switching heroes in Dual mode ! Finally all auras range x3. In late game, spells vày massive sầu damages, and minions are powerful và tanky. (All) Hero Images cannot cast boring spells that ruin it: anti-magic shield, heals, entrave, banish, archimonde"s size... Many spells balanced or replaced. Lifesteal works with any attack.

ObjectiveSelect your nhân vật, defend the castle & kill all dark forces.
Players1-8 (no IA)
trò chơi duration~ 45-90 minutes
Compatible versionsWarcraft 1.31.x và newer

BeginningOne Player 1 (red) has chosen difficulty và piông chồng mode, pick your hero(s) or use -random comm&. You can use the -repick commvà once if you are unsatisfied.Defend the CastleCreeps spawn from 8 lanes to lớn attack the Castle. Choose a lane, go defend it with your hero(s). Killing creeps will give sầu you gold và exp. Periodically ennemy waves appear at west, north, east then south of Castle. Defeat them with your teamates.Special questsThe game includes 4 special quests, each one with a different reward. When you are ready, go in the circle và the bottom-right of Castle & piông xã the quest you wish:
Hero imageKill a stronger version of your anh hùng.Hard+100 all stats.
All nhân vật imageKill 8 stronger heroes.CrazyNecklace of spell immunity.
Spirit BeastKill a giant spirit beast.ImpossibleShield of Immortality.
Hero imageKill a frost infernal.ImpossibleKey of Moon.

1st special event
You get teleported in a tiny room with your allies. A dward boss, Muradin, is chassing you there. You cannot kill hyên, just survive 3min and you will win 50000 gold.2nd special eventYou get teleported in a tiny room without your allies. You have 3min to kill a maximum of ennemies to lớn earn as much gold as possible !1st survivalWhen you are done defending the Castle và stronger enough, you can kill the dark Necropolis. Then 2 new lanes open, và mega creeps will come once you enter within. Survive them.Final waveWhen you are done farming on the mega creeps, you can kill the ice thrones. A final wave will appear near the Castle, it is up to you khổng lồ defkết thúc it.1st bossAfter surviving the final wave, you can go in the circles behing the remains of the ice thrones. This will teleport you to the first boss of this map: Magtheridon. Kill it 3 times lớn win. On dying, he will split inkhổng lồ,many baby bosses.TODO2nd survivalThe 4 captains3nd survival2nd bossLast bossDefeatVictoryTODOTips
The following improvements have sầu been made:Major changes- New select modes: Dual Random & Dual Same.- New heroes: Runemaster, Stone Giant & Myrmidon.- Buy tomes: -bt commvà always enabled.- Buy levels: new -bl command.- Host: Can be transfered with -host command. Automatically given khổng lồ top score player on leave sầu.- New items: 8 new items (3 merchants).- Super items: Can be bought for a high price.- Charged items: you can staông chồng và split them.- Balance: All stats (allies & ennemies) balanced. Minions boosted in late game.- (All) hero image: boring spells removed (shakle, anti-magic field, ...). Clones stats bởi not take inlớn trương mục items và skills attribute bonus.- Dual heroes: Inventory are fully shared (even cooldowns). Events rephối CDs of both heroes.- Cleave: Fixed, vì not ignore armor anymore, và really vì chưng 100% damages (you will see the difference early game).- Buying cấp độ tomes: new command -bl.- Leavers: their anh hùng is pickable again. Their gold is shared between remaining players.- Cthảm bại way/open way works for ways 2 to 8, & iceway 2.- Shared control: allies hero portraits are visibles, switch is possible.- Bosses: spell immunity ability changed khổng lồ resistant skin. Rear attacks do +20% damages, & 10% chances of rear strike with x3 damages. Flank attacks vì +10% damages, và 5% chances of flank strike with x3 damages. Works with spells too.- Farm event: creeps take +500% damages from spells.- Attachồng types: all attaông xã types vị 100% damages to hero armor (piercing, siege, spell, magic).- Life steal abilities: work with any attachồng type (orb, ranged, ...).- Damage return abilities: now returns a fixed amount + a percentage of damages taken before armor reduction. Works vs melee và ranged attacks.- Summons: most summons gain a mini-cleave sầu or mini-splash at màn chơi 3.- Shops: removed items start và replenish cooldowns. Castle now sells same items than Goblin Merchants. Merchants sell more items classed in 5 categories. Added possibility lớn convert goold into lớn lumber & vice-versa. Potions of Greater Healing automatically used khổng lồ save sầu the hero while he"s shopping.- Farm Event: spawn rate limited to lớn 1 wave sầu per second.- Survivals: bounty from ghouls, orc skeletons, death revenants & magnataurs is proportional lớn player count.- Rebuy: when your nhân vật dies, you can rebuy at the cost of 5000gold with -rebuy command.Bug fixes
- Dryad: multishot now works properly in late game.- Random: not available before settings selection anymore (caused bugs).- Leavers: kiểm tra for stuông xã items or events.- Dual hero: no more exp lost by switching heroes. 2nd anh hùng may be picked later.- Banehallow cinematic: no more 2nd nhân vật misspositioning.- Blizzard bugs: workaround to lớn fix orb of slow và similar abilities.- Earth/Fire/Storm Brewmaster: could not attaông chồng air units.- Banish: damages from bạn or rockets and similar spells were nulified.- Some heroes missed the glow effect.- After special events, unselected heroes are not unpaused.- quái thú are invulnerable before you fight them, lớn avoid glitches và cheats.- Tomes & other power-up items vì chưng not memory leak anymore.- Plasma rifle bởi vì AOE damage vs air units & buildings.- Dual hero switch & thành tích cooldowns.- Fixed abilities that cannot target non-organic ennemies, air ennemies, non-organic allies, ward allies.- Game was stuông chồng at captains stage when playing Easy mode in solo.- Using cthất bại way comm& lớn cthảm bại the last opened way stuchồng the games.- Silent assassins, Lighhtning Attacks, Dragons Attacks could sometimes happen during cinematics (paused phases).- Some heroes had wrong start mana or mamãng cầu regeneration.
- Kiông xã commvà is now possible with name (case sensitive), color or player number.- Extrem ennemy heroes give sầu a gold bounty equal lớn their stats.- Cooldowns: various cooldowns reduced.- Mirror images và Clones: get damage, defense và attachồng tốc độ bonus. Get autocasts.- Minions can use the 2 teleport circles behind the ice pillars khổng lồ reach the boss zone.- Muradin event: cannot place wards or phoenixes in water anymore.- Farm event: rock golems are not magic immune anymore.- Farm event: improved sheeps/corpses/tree spawn.- Cinematics: shortened final wave cinematic.- quái vật phase: anh hùng revive sầu timer is reduced from 120s to lớn 45s during this phase. Stats improved to compensate for armor damage reduction nerf.- Code reliability và performances improved.- Shops: Tome of Power max stop changed khổng lồ 3. Amulet of the Wild cooldowns divided by 2.- Corpses: removed after 8s instead of 5 (for spells that need them).- Special events teleportation circle: your minions are teleported along.- Claws of Attack: damage bonus increased.- Added some text indications và mini-bản đồ pings for beginners.- Heroes: initial health points increased by 400 to compensate for armor damage reduction nerf.- Gold bounty from extrem heroes is now equal to the sum of their stats.- Dragons packs và assassins paông chồng kích thước capped lớn đôi mươi.- Damage return works vs ranged & spell attacks.- Waves 9 to lớn 12 (after farm event): bounty x2.- All heroes stats have sầu been uniformized (life, mana, defense, stats...).- Move speed bonuses staông chồng.- In Extrem 4, added a reminder 30s before cấp độ 2 for "-extreme" commvà.- At the end of the following events units và items are cleaned: Ring of Superiority, Lightning Sword, Farm.- Necropolis, Spirit Towers, Ice Towers và Death Towers are invulnerable if way is closed, and destroyed at next stages.- Ice ways: right one does not open in single player mode.- Added a reminder message khổng lồ open last unused ways before next stage.- Removed useless "-random " comm&.- Skills
- Aerial shackles (Bloodmage): 500 damage per second. CD reduced to 30s.- Anti-magic Shield (Archmage): replaced by Frigid Protection.- Anub"Arak"s Claw (Crypt Lord): attack speed increase 75%, cooldown 60s.- Attribute Bonus (Warden): +50 bonus per hero màn chơi.- Banish: is now a short duration spell (4s).- Blizzard (Archmage): boosted.- Bomb Trap (Shadow Hunter): damage doubled at level 4.- Breath of Fire: stats uniformized between Blood Mage, Pandaren & Fire.- Burning oil (Bloodmage): range/damage +25%.- Carrion Beetles (Cryptlord): attack speed increased.- Carrion Swarm (Dreadlord): damage boosted, cooldown reduced.- Chaos (Dreadlord): damage boosted, cooldown reduced.- Clone (Marine): can target wards và invulnerable. Come with you in farm event.- Cripple (Warlock): debuff boosted. Mamãng cầu cost reduced lớn 100.- Critical Arrows (Dryad): replaced by Piercing Arrows.- Death Coil (Dreadlord): cooldown reduced from 20 lớn 15s (like Firebolt, Frostbolt,...).- Death Coil (Ghost): cooldown increased from 10 lớn 15s (lượt thích Firebolt, Frostbolt, ...). Now damages ennemies or heal allies (independant of if they"re undead or not).- Debilitation aura (Archmage): effect changed, increases damage taken from all sources of a given %.- Esnare (Pandaren Brewmaster): added 300 damage per second.- Fan of Knives/Light/Rockets: damage, AOE & cooldown uniformized.- Feedbachồng (Shadow Hunter): replaced by "Wards Mastery".- Finger of Death (Pit Lord): cooldown increased from 10 to 15s (like Firebolt, Frostbolt, ...).- Frost Armor (Lich): manacost reduced.- Frost Arrows (Lich): damage x2, tốc độ decrease +20%- Frost Beast (Lich): attacks faster.- Frost Paralysis (Archmage): debuff boosted.- Heal (Ranger): increased lớn 20000hp.- Healing Ward (Shadow Hunter): now heals 100hp + 1%, manacost reduced to lớn 100.- Holy Light (Knight): range increased, CD reduced to 12s, manacost reduced.- Howl Scout (Druid of the Claw): abilities and autocast boosted.- Hurl Bomb (Marine, Rifleman): cooldown reduced from trăng tròn to 15s (like Firebolt, Frostbolt,...)- Immolation (Demon Hunter): ranged increased khổng lồ 250.- Implale (Cryptlord): area of effect increased.- Incineration (Blood Mage): added damages on attaông xã.- Infernal (Dreadlord): attacks faster.- Inner Fire (Ranger): damage bonus x3.- tia laze Trap (Shadow Hunter): damage type changed khổng lồ pierce (for trueshot aura).- Life Reren Aura (Marine, Sorceress, Storm): effect changed to 100hp/200hp/1%/2%.- Light Frenzy (Paladin): can target invulnerable units.- Lightning Attaông chồng (Sorceress): +10000 damage replaced by an orb with +4000 damage và splash.- Lightning Shochồng (Sorceress): cooldown reduced lớn 30s.- Mana Shield (Archmage): now absorbs 50% of damages và repercutes 20% of them on mana.- Moonson (Sorceress/Storm): range x1,5. Damage interval slightly reduced.- Owl Scout: spell danh sách modified (for better).- Permanenent Immolation (Ghost, Pandaren/Fire Brewmaster): ranged increased to 250.- Permanent Lightning: range increased lớn 250.- Phase Shift (Sorceress): attaông chồng tốc độ greatly increased.- Plasma Rifle (Rifleman): can target air units.- Poison Sting (Crypt Lord): replaced by Plague Sting, with AOE effect.- Pure Light (Paladin): damage type changed lớn pierce (for trueshot aura).- Rain of Eis (Archmage): range/damage x1,5.- Rain of Fire (Bloodmage): range/damage x1,5.- Reincarnation: replaced by Beast Strike.- Rejuvenation (Moon Priestress): increased to lớn 20000hp, manacost reduced to lớn 100.- Resistant Skin (Demon Hunter): also removes Metamorphosis cooldown.- Roar (Detháng Hunter): damage bonus increased to lớn 100%.- Rocket Launch (Rifleman): replaced by Hurl Bomb (same skill as Marine).- Samuro (Blademaster): stats và attachồng tốc độ equal yours in late game.- Silence (Warden): replaced by Scream.- Sleep (Dreadlord): replaced by Cursed Claws.- Spicked Carapace (Cryptlord): damage return boosted.- Sumtháng Spirit Bear: bears" attachồng tốc độ increased.- Summon Spirit Hawk (Beastmaster): faster attask tốc độ, 200hp/s regen.- Sumtháng Spirit Pig (Beastmaster): pig is now ranged, has mini-splash, & grows with your level.- Summon Spirit Wolf: wolves" attaông chồng tốc độ increased.- Taunt (Paladin): replaced by Knight"s Challenge (taunt+howl of terror).- Terror Wolf (Beastmaster): stats and attack tốc độ equal yours in late game. Removed position offphối on cast.- Thorn aura (Bestmaster): boosted.- Thunder Spirit (Mountain King): replaced by Artifacts Collector.- Tornavày (Pandaren/Storm Brewmaster): damage x1,5, AOE visible, spin-in-the-air effect removed.- True Tank (Paladin): new ability- Unholy aura (Pitlord): life reren boosted to lớn 5/10/1%/2%.- Voodoo Eye (Shadow Hunter): replaced by Critical Strike Aura- War Stomp (Pit Lord): damage và range slightly increased.- Water shield (Archmage): has autocast. Cooldown greatly reduced.- Wind Walk (Blademaster): replaced by Whirwind.​
Hero nameStatsSkills
Myrmidon- Cleaving Attack- Summon Venus- Shock- Bash- Realm of Souls- AvatarPaladin- Knight"s Challenge- Healing Wave- Fan of Light- True Tank- Devotion Aura- Pure Light- Light FrenzyBlademasterMelee- Berserk- Whirlwind- Miror Images- Critical Strike- War Drums Aura- Bladestorm- Partition
Shadow HunterRanged- Healing Ward- Bomb Trap- Serpent Ward- Wards Mastery- Critical Strike Aura- Lasertrap- Hex
Tauren ChieftainMelee- Battle Roar- Shockwave- Stomp- Pulverize- Endurance Aura- Lightning Strike- Beast Strike và Upgrades
Prieáp lực of the MoonRanged- Rejuvenation- Chain Lightning- Watery Minion- Forked Lightning- Trueshot Aura- Moonsoon- Lightning Chaos
KnightMeleeChaos Attack- Cleaving Attack- Holy Light- Divine Shield- Frostmourne- Endurance Aura- Light Roar- Knight"s Armor
BeastmasterMelee- Feral Spirit- Feral Spirit (wolves)- Sumtháng Bear- Summon Hawk- Thorns Aura- Stampede- Terror Wolf
DreadlordMelee- Cursed Claws- Carrion Swarm- Chaos- Death Coil- Aura of Blight- Inferno- Rain of Chaos
LichRanged- Frost Frenzy- Frost Nova- Breath of Frost- Frost Armor- Frost Arrows- Summon Frost Beast- Frost Chaos
Crypt LordMelee- Anub"arak"s Claw- Impale- Carrion Beetles- Plague Sting- Spiked Carapace- Locust Swarm- Burrow Impale
Pit LordMelee- Howl of Terror- Rain of Fire- War Stomp- Cleaving Attack- Unholy Aura- Doom- Finger of Death
GhostRangedChaos Attack- Command Aura- Death Coil- Permanent Immolation- Critical Strike- Endurance Aura- Hail of Death- Rain of Chaos
Pandaren BrewmasterMelee- Ensnare- Drunken Haze- Breath of Fire- Drunken Brawler- Permanent Immolation- Earthquake- Tornado
WarlockMelee- Cripple- Spirit Beast- Dark Portal- Warlochồng Archimonde- Evasion và Critical Strike- Gargoyle Swarm- Infernal Fall
Archmage (F)Ranged- Mana Shield- Crushing Wave- Sumtháng Sea Elemental- Drain Life & Mana- Frost Paralysis- Elemental Wave- Rain of Eis
MarineRanged- Banish- Hurl Bomb- Fan of Rockets- Metal Armor- Life Regeneration Aura- Clone- Cluster Rockets
Druid of the ClawMelee- Strength of the Wild- Entangling Roots- Rejuvenation- Mark of the Claw- Hardened Skin- Bear Form- Owl Scout
RunemasterMelee- Runic Weapon- Exorcism- Runic Crystal- Magic Defense- Critrical Strike Aura- Spiritual Presence- Rune Clock
Blood MageRanged- Aerial Shackles- Burning Oil- Breath of Fire- Firebolt- Incinerate- Phoenix- Rain of Fire
RangerRanged- Heal- Inner Fire- Searing Arrows- Critical Strike- Endurance Auras- Exploding Arrows- Rocket Hail
WardenMelee- Blink- Shadow Strike- Fan of Knives- Scream- Attribute Bonus- Vengeance- Morph & Permanent Invisibility
Detháng HunterMelee- Roar- Negative Energy- Immolation- Evasion- Vampiric Aura- Metamorphosis- Resistant Skin
HuntressRanged- Moon Glaive- Owl Lightning- Forked Lightning- Elune"s Grace- Command Aura- Moon Explosion- Neutralisation
DryadRanged- Envenomed Weapons- Evasion- Multiple Arrows- Critical Arrows- Endurance Aura- Trueshot Aura- Spell Immunity
Archmage (M)Ranged- Frigid Protection- Blizzard- Summon Water Elemental- Frostbolt- Debilitation Aura- Starfall- Water Shield
SorceressRanged- Resistant Skin- Phase Shift- Moonsoon- Permanent Lightning- Life Regeneration Aura- Lightning Shock- Lightning Attack
Mountain KingMelee- Artifact Collector- Storm Bolt- Thunder Clap- Bash- Muradin"s Hammer- Avatar- Lightning Shield
RiflemanRanged- Bloodlust- Hurl Bomb- Plasma Rifle- Shield- Trueshot Aura- Laser
Stone GiantMelee- War Drums Aura- Toss- Avalanche- Tiny Tiny- Craggy Exterior- Grow!- Grab Tree
Storm BrewmasterRanged- Resistant Skin- Phase Shift- Moonsoon- Permanent Lightning- Life Regeneration Aura- Lightning Shock- Tornado
Earth BrewmasterMelee- Battle Roar- Shockwave- War Stomp- Pulverize- Endurance Aura- Earthquake- Beast Strike & Upgrades
Fire BrewmasterMelee- Aerial Shackles- Drunken Haze- Breath of Fire- Firebold- Permanent Immolation- Phoenix- Rain of Fire
TODOOptions : difficulty, pick mode, random, repickNumber of heroes, skills, itemsNumber of bosses to lớn defeatHero danh mục & their abilitiesItem listEvent listquái vật list & descriptionCommands
Bug fixes
- Tome of +1 level: infinite-use exploit fixed*.* Sorry I didn"t have sầu enough free time to lớn vì chưng more (desync debugging, balancing...)
Bug fixes
- Tome of +10 stats: infinite-use exploit fixed.- Events & dual nhân vật change: added safety checks to ensure that nhân vật switch is not interpreted as a give-up (lớn fix a random bug with Ramero).Minor changes- Damage Engine System: updated lớn lathử nghiệm version.
Bug fixes
- Extrem mode: ennemies anh hùng vì not disapear right away after death (regression).Minor changes- Damages return: percentages modifed, does not ignore attacker"s armor anymore.
Major changes
- While shopping, Potions of Greater Healing are used automatically.- When your hero die, you can rebuy it immediatly with -rebuy comm& at the cost of 5000gold. Ask to your allies if you don"t have sầu them.- Dryad: replaced Critical Arrows by Piercing Arrows. Fixed Multiple Arrows tooltip.- Paladin: replaced Taunt by Knight"s Challenge (taunt+howl of terror). New ability True Tank at màn chơi 8.- Mountain King: replaced Thunder Spirit by Artifact Collector.- Shadow Hunter: Feedbaông chồng replaced by Wards Mastery.- Blademaster: Wind Walk replaced by Whirlwind.- Ghost: Death Coil vị not use undead/alive sầu as discrimination anymore. It heals allies và damage ennemies.Bug fixes- Gloves of Spell Mastery: not clickable anymore.- Tower destruction message: missing space before "earlier".- Arthas cinematic: made sure Arthas doesn"t die too quiông xã.- Tiny Stone Giant: fixed "Hardened Skin""s icon.- Dual hero inventories: fixed potential desync cause.- Leaderboard: fixed potential desync cause.- Dual anh hùng change: aggro is lost, units won"t run away after the paused hero anymore.- Attaông chồng priority: heroes now attaông chồng the nearest ennemy, no more priority khổng lồ flying units.- Triggered Cast Abilities: removed useless executions.- Better handling of selection/deselection: should avoid some desync.- Item Stack&Split: bug fix, performances optimization, refactoring.Minor changes- Updated Damage Engine khổng lồ its lachạy thử version.- Removed useless command "-random "- Huntress: Neutralization cooldown reduced by 10s.- Blood Mage: Incineration now also adds damages to lớn each attack.- Pandaren Brewmaster/Storm: Tornavị now affects air và non-organics units.- Command/War Drums auras: removed useless code.
Bug fixes
- Fixed desync due to Frigid Protection (Archmage) by updating khổng lồ lademo Bone Armor system version.- Frigid Protection : rotating segments now teleport on hero switch và bliên kết.- Deactivated neutral hero auras khổng lồ avoid exploit in early game (for ex +200% damages from unpicked Ghost)Minor changes- Dicrease cooldown & duration of Frigid Protection (Archmage) by half.- Shops: removed stoông chồng replenish cooldown.
Bug fixes
- Selection issues with shops making it unavailable untill the next press on ESC key.- Food count sometimes wrong in early games.Minor changes- Circles in hero selection zone made 80% transparent for the visibility of heroes with Reforged graphics.- Colored maps name in lobby.
Bug fixes
- Fixed desyncs due khổng lồ shopping & regression in Warcraft III patch 1.32.- Fixed minor bug when using "Esc" key in cửa hàng.
Minor changes
- Updated Damage Engine System to lớn its lakiểm tra version.- Added Game Status system from TriggerHappy to lớn help debbuging desync & crashs.Bug fixes- Moon Priegăng tay had Doom spell at cấp độ 0.
Bug fixes
- Fixed memory leak và strange issue with Item List sub-system.- Fixed keyboard shortcuts for shops.
Bug fixes
- Fixed shops for Warcraft III 1.32 (Reforged).- Gloves of spell mastery: removed "Refresh Cooldowns" ability because from Warcraft III patch 1.32, it also remix items cooldowns and result in infinite loops..- Mask of Death was missing from shops.
Bug fixes
- Misscalculation of summons & morph bonus armor.- Item with charge or timed abilities bugged with dual anh hùng switch.
Minor changes
- There is now one single shop with multiple pages.Bug fixes- Cleave sầu really does 100% damages, và vày not ignore armor anymore.- Doom (Pit Lord): level 2 bugged on many creeps with an error message.Minor changes- Bracer of Protection has been nerfed.- Pathing blocks added around special arenas.
Bug fixes
- Desync caused by triggered cast abilities (Exorcism, Plague Sting, Cursed Claw) ?- Potential memory leak from Runic Weapon ability.Minor changes- Dark hero spawns have sầu their stats reduced by 25%.- Internal log system settings modified.
Bug fixes
- Fixed random bug with thắng lợi abilities & Dual Hero.Minor changes- Farm event max spawn rate increased from 1wave/sec lớn 3wave/sec.- Increased armor, decreased HP of farm event creeps.
Bug fixes
- Solved a major bug with -ow commvà và lanes 5 & 8.Minor changes- Health points of bosses +70 000.
Bug fixes
- Bounty of 2nd ice way was not multiplied by player count.- Message for way tăng cấp (on Spirit Tower death) was too long & contained a "|n".Minor changes- Health points of bosses +70 000.
Major changes
- In dual anh hùng mode, inventory is fully shared between your 2 heroes (even cooldowns).- Host rights can be transfered lớn another player with "-host " comm&.- Host rights are automatically transfered to top score player if previous host leaves.- xuất hiện Way và Cthua trận Way commands: work for the right ice way. Ways 2 to 4 can be closed.- Survivals: ghouls & orc skeletons gold bounty is proportional to player count.- Dark Bosses stats rebalanced (particularly in high extrem level).- Dragon packs max kích thước reduced from 40 to trăng tròn.Bug fixes- Moved merchants of a inch so you can pass between them and Castle.- If a player teleported out of Muradin sự kiện, then summoned, the summoned unit was missplaced.- Endgame stuchồng if you play Easy in solo-player.- Using -cw khổng lồ cchiến bại the last way did not start the trùm stage.- Silent assassins, Lighhtning Attacks, Dragons Attacks are delayed during cinematics (paused phases).- Some heroes had wrong start mana or mamãng cầu regeneration.- Stout shield tooltip 3300%.- Rifleman: bug with inventory/stats/anh hùng order/primary attribute when reaching leveltrăng tròn.- Item pick: undue "Inventory is full." message sometimes.- Tiny tiny (Stone Giant): error in tooltip.Minor changes- Reduced heroes start defense by 5, start mamãng cầu by 5, mana regene by 3.- Realm of Souls (Myrmidon): reduced life regeneration, range & attack frequency.- Kick commvà is now possible with name (case sensitive), color or player number.- Ice ways: right one does not open in single player mode.- Necropolis, Spirit Towers, Ice Towers và Death Towers are invulnerable if way is closed, & destroyed at next stages.- Healing ward(Shadow Hunter): manacost reduced to lớn 100.- Rejuvenation (POTM): manacost reduced khổng lồ 100.- Cripple (Warlock); manacost reduced to 100.- Death Coil (Dreadlord), Hurl Bomb (Marine, Rifleman): CD reduced from 20 lớn 15s (lượt thích Firebolt, Frostbolt,...)- Death Coil (Ghost), Finger of Death (Pit Lord): CD increased from 10 to lớn 15s (lượt thích Firebolt, Frostbolt, ...)- Holy Light (Knight) manacost reduced.- Breath of Fire: stats uniformized between Blood Mage, Pandaren và Fire.- Spirit Pig (Beastmaster): reduced damage và attaông chồng speed bonus per hero màn chơi.- Terror Wolf (Beastmaster): removed position offset on cast.- Myrmidon sound set modified to Naga Myrmidon.- Added reminder message to lớn open last unused ways before next stage.
Major changes
- Farm event: spawn rate limited to 1 wave per second.- Remove sầu spell damage & heal boost from Team Upgrades.- Damage reduction per armor point restored khổng lồ mặc định.- Ennemy attributes totally balanced (hp, armor, life, stats).- Life per strength point decreased from 25 khổng lồ 15.- Hero attributes uniformized & modified (life, mana, armor, start stats, stats per level).- Possibility to lớn convert gold to lớn lumber & lumber lớn gold at merchant.- Exorcism (Runemaster): behavior modified from chain lightning to lớn splash.Bug fixes- Ways creep màn chơi was not increased properly.- Hit point regeneration rate of some heroes was wrong.- Way 2 could be opened even if its necropolis was already destroyed.- Runic Weapon (Runemaster): reference leak fixed.- Logs are written in local tệp tin only when a player is disconnected (to lớn limit lags).Minor changes- Cleaning units & items after the following events: Ring of Superiority, Lightning Sword, Farm.- In Extrem 4, added a reminder 30s before cấp độ 2 for "-extreme" commvà.- Merchants và towers slightly moved to không tính phí passages.- Summons boost slightly nerfed.- Move sầu speed bonuses stack now.- Removed life steal for spells (with 10% of efficiency).- Main attribute modified for Blademaster, Priestress of the Moon, Shadow Hunter, Rifleman & Sorceress.- Ennemy have sầu vision of players" units (to lớn avoid focus bugs).- Fan of Rocket/Light/Knives: damage, cooldown and AOE uniformized.- Earthquake (Earth Brewmaster): damages reduced by 33%.- Scream (Warden): range and damages increased.- Holy Light (Knight) range increased khổng lồ 700, CD reduced khổng lồ 12s.- Frigid Protection (Archmage): fragments restored, they don"t seem to cause desync.- Medaillon of Greed: pillage efficiency reduced.- Frost Armor (Lich): manacost reduced.- Magic Defense (Runemastr): movetốc độ reduction increased.
Bug fixes
- Refactored the fix for triggered cast abilities (Cursed Claw, Exorcism, Plague Sting) in order to reduce desync issues.
Bug fixes
- Doom (Pit Lord) : màn chơi 1 can target ground units again.- Dual Hero: when picking 2nd nhân vật later, his stats are automatically set khổng lồ same as first nhân vật.- Bliên kết (Warden): hotkey fixed.- Shadow Strike (Warden): after màn chơi 20, emang đến Shadow Strike does not one shot anymore.- Silent Assassins: vị not spawn during or after final wave sầu anymore.- Logs: reduced lags due to log lớn debug desync issue on Linux.Minor changes- Beast Attack (Tauren Chieftain, Earth): knockbaông chồng distance divided by 3.- Updated size, shadow & collision kích cỡ of various summons.- Lifesteal works with spells (at 10% of its original power).- Healing Ward (Shadow Hunter): now regenerates 100hp + 1%.- Message when a lane upgrades because of spirit tower destruction: moved on 2 lines.
Bug fixes
- More logs to detect disconnection/desync causes.- Added a text at beginning to lớn ask players lớn skết thúc their XndHeroSiegeLogs.txt tệp tin lớn me if they experience a desync.- Fixed a tipo in loading screen text.Minor changes- Castle now sells the same items as goblin merchants (potions, tomes, ...)
Bug fixes
- Forced to lớn remove some debug log that made Archimage level0 spell lagg/crash.- Frigid Armor (Archmage) removed segments because they use too many asynchronous functions.
Bug fixes
- Items damage bonus was wrong (apart Assassin Blade).- Inner Fire (Ranger): damage bonus was inconsistent.- Dual Hero Switch: restored a short delay between activations khổng lồ avoid desyncs because of selection inconsistency between clients.- The following abilities can now hit non-organic ennemies:
- Chain Lightning, Forked Lightning, Moonsoon (POTM)- War Stomp, Doom, Finger of Death (Pitlord)- Drain Life&Mana (Archmage)- Drunken Haze (Pandaren)- Entangling Roots (Druid of the Claw)- Shadow Strike, Fan of Knives, Polymorph (Warden)- Incinerate, Fire Bolt (Bloodmage)- Moonsoon, Lightning Shock (Sorceress)- Storm Bolt, Thunderclap, Lightning Shield (Moutain King)- War Stomp, Lightning Stroke, Beast Attaông xã (Tauren Chieftain)- Avalanđậy, Craggy Exterior, Toss (Stone Giant)- Deathcoil (Ghost)- Fan of Lights (Paladin)- Fan of Rockets, Hurl Bomb (Marine)- Owl Lightning, Forket Lightning, Neutralization (Huntress)- Frost Bolt (Archmage)- Negative Energy (Detháng Hunter)- Poison Sting (Cryptlord)- Shochồng (Myrmidon)- Hex (Shadow Hunter)​
- Earthquake (Pandaren/Earth Brewmaster)- Cleaving Attaông chồng (Pitlord)- Mark of the Claw, Entangling Roots (Druid of the Claw)- Pulverize (Tauren Chieftain)- Burrow Impale (Cryptlord)- Tornabởi (Pandaren, Storm)- Spiritual Presence (Runemaster)- Immolation (Cloak of Immolation), Permanent Immolation (Ghost, Pandaren, Fire)​
Major changes
- Added thắng lợi Stout Shield.Minor changes- Waves 9 to lớn 12 (after farm event): stats & bounty x2.- Owl Scout (Druid of the Claw): spells modified.Claws of Attack, Enchanted Blade, Heavy Basher: bonus damage increased lớn 950.- Realm of Souls (Myrmidon) area of effect reduced.- Added a text to make the following hidden feature visible: each spirit tower destroyed upgrades the creeps of the lane earlier (1 tower before cấp độ 2, 2 towers before cấp độ 3, 3 towers before màn chơi 4).
Bug fixes
- Error in Wvà of Desillusion tooltip.- Attack tốc độ of morphing forms (Terror Wolf và Samuro).- Missing space character after name in Team Upgrade debloqued text.

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Bug fixes
- W& of Desillusion clones don"t disapear on nhân vật switch.- Cannot use transmute on dragons.- Ring of Superiority unholy aura is now 1% instead of 4hp.- Damage return is no more boosted lượt thích other spelles in late game.- Merchants do not create an ugly warfog patch anymore.- Terror Wolf"s thorns aura doesn"t stachồng with Beastmaster"s one.- trò chơi crash for last player leaving (division by 0).- Leavers items are sold properly & gold is shared between remaining players.Major changes- All boss have 33% magic resistance.- Dual hero: each anh hùng has his own cooldowns.Minor changes- Wand of desillusion clones nerfed a bit.- Delay of 2s before rồng attacks restaured.- Merchants" position & pathing map modified not khổng lồ bloông xã then way.- Life Regeneration Auras nerfed.- Carrion Beetles (Cryptlord): attaông chồng tốc độ increased.- Dryad: attaông chồng speed slightly reduced.- Impale (Cryptlord): area of effect increased.- Beast Attack (Tauren Shieftain): cooldown changed to lớn 30s.- Aerial Shackles (Bloodmage, Fire): CD reduced to 30s.- Shock (Myrmidon) Initial cooldown increased, but decreases with levels. Stun duration reduced to 2s.- Added an advice text when extrem 2+ mode.- War Stomp (Pit Lord) Damages and range slightly increased.- Increased hp of all bosses.