TheTest of English for International Communication(TOEIC) or TOEIC Test is “an English language thử nghiệm designed specifically khổng lồ measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment.

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The chạy thử takes approximately 2½ hours, with:

45 minutes for Section I: Listening75 minutes for Section II: Readingapproximately 30 minutes khổng lồ answer biographical questions

Section I:TOEIC Listening

Test takers listen to a variety of questions & short conversations recorded in English, then answer questions based on what they have sầu heard (100 items total).

Part 1: PhotographsPart 2: Question-ResponsePart 3: ConversationsPart 4: Short Talks

Section II: TOEIC Reading

Test takers read a variety of materials and respond at their own pace (100 items total).

Part 5: Incomplete SentencesPart 6: Error Recognition or Text CompletionPart 7: Reading Comprehension

TOEIC Results

After you take the TOEIC Exam, Your TOEIC results will be given to you using The Common European Framework Reference Scale. The Scale is divided into three levels:

A1 — A2 (Basic User)B1 — B2 (Independent User)C1 — C2 (Proficient User)
TOEIC Tip #1

First of all,Don’t try to lớn cut corners, you need lớn make an effort to learn the language, specially if you Call yourself a teacher. The TOEIC test is not something that you prepare for overnight so take your time & plan in advance.

TOEIC Tip #2

The TOEIC service listcan help you learn the key vocabulary khổng lồ understvà questions, answers, texts and listening passages. Basically a TOEIC service list is a menu of key words that often are found in TOEIC Exams.

TOEIC Tip #3

In thelistening section, I like to take a few seconds toread the questions beforeI listen to the listening passage, doing that I get to know what I have sầu to lớn listen for, that’s called listening for details. Some demo takers, listen khổng lồ the passage first and then try lớn answer the question but they forgot the passage as they read the questions.

TOEIC Tip #4

In the reading section, vị the math & try tofind out how many seconds or minutesyou can spkết thúc dealing with each question.

TOEIC Tip #5

Try toavoid distractions the day before you take the TOEIC Test, make sure you don’t start any troubles at home page, try not to lớn get the flu & sleep well a night before. Test Takers who arrive to the examination classroom thinking or concerned about something else tend lớn get poor results.

TOEIC Tip #6

#6 Read theTOEIC Test handbookso you know what to lớn expect, if you have sầu never taken the kiểm tra before, make sure you vì chưng everything khổng lồ make that situation predictable, I mean you have sầu to know what comes first & what’s next. Be in control.

TOEIC Tip #7

Talk lớn thosesuccessful language learners who have sầu got great resultsand ask them for a piece ofadviceand don’t take advice from those who didn’t have sầu a pleasant experience và desired TOEIC scores.

TOEIC Tip #8

Know the cấp độ that you have sầu right now, you can do that without paying a fee by visiting theEF Standard English Test. If you get a low score in that demo, don’t expect lớn get a C1 in the real kiểm tra. Let’s be realistic!

TOEIC Tip #9

Practice under real test conditions,don’t expect khổng lồ deliver if you practice for short periods of time & under unreal circumstances.

TOEIC Tip #10

Don’t try lớn translate during the reading section, scan the text và look for the information that you need. Believe me, there is no time khổng lồ check the meaning of every word, line and text.

TOEIC Tip #11

If you get distracted during the listening section,mark the option that makes more sense.For example, If I couldn’t listen for option A, I still listen attentively for options B, C and D, if the last three seems lượt thích incorrect answers. I choose A even though I have no clue what it says.

TOEIC Tip #14

Manage stress, stay calm & no matter how hard you think the kiểm tra is, găng won’t help.

TOEIC Tip #15

Love sầu, Learn & Live sầu English, there is no magic triông chồng that can take you from A1 to B2/C1 in two weeks.

The Best trăng tròn Resources khổng lồ Pass the TOEIC

#1: ETS

ETS provides you with sample questions so surprise isn’t a factor.These are two files that every first- timer should

5 TOEIC Simulation Tests (Practice Mode)

5 TOEIC Simulation Tests ( Exam Mode)

#3: Sprott Shaw Language College

Sprott Shaw Language College:This preparation demo includes all the kiểm tra areas, You will be given two hours to lớn complete the whole kiểm tra, or one hour per subsection.

#4: Can Pacific College#5: English Tests

English Tests:You can take không tính phí interactive sầu questions lớn increase yout TOEIC vocabulary & learn theTOEIC words.

In addition youcan speak lớn other people who are preparing for the TOEIC lớn nói qua experiences on the TOEIC forum.


This chạy thử consists of two section và takes 2.5 hours khổng lồ complete. Test questions are based on real-life work settings in an international environment.

100 questions

100 questions


Online Toeic Training gives you an experience similar to lớn the previous four recommendations, there is no shortage of resources for you khổng lồ succeed in your goals.

Start practicing right away by clicking the following link:

Toeic Sample Test

You will find aninteractive sầu testthat help you learn the core vocabulary of theTOEIC test.

#8: Tactics for the TOEIC

If you know your way around the website, Rieebook has provided us with a liên kết lớn download the book “Tactics For TOEIC Listening and reading demo ” The files are hosted in mediafire , if you consider a book might help you, please take a look at the website

Tactics For TOEIC Listening & reading test

#9: Target TOEIC

Target TOEIC Second Edition is designed to lớn provide thorough and realistic preparation for the TOEIC test through authentic kiểm tra practice. In order to ensure that students are getting authentic demo practice, this new edition has been updated khổng lồ incorporate changes recently made lớn the TOEIC demo.

#10: 600 Essential words for the TOEIC

Updated to reflect the most recent TOEIC, this kiểm tra preparation book focuses on 600 words commonly used on the TOEIC. Words are taught in 50 vocabulary-building lessons that focus on American English as it is used in today’s business, industry, communications, và cultural activities

#11: Target Score#12: Skills for the TOEIC Test

Speaking & Writing is a quality skills-based exam preparation course. TOEIC is a demo of English proficiency for people in the workplace seeking khổng lồ work in an international environment or looking for promotion within their organization.

#13: TOEIC Bridge Test

The TOEIC Bridge kiểm tra is an English proficiency exam designed for programs teaching students at the beginning và intermediate levels of English language proficiency. This revised & updated manual is designed specifically for those language learners


This thử nghiệm consist of 200 questions, (100 Listening & 100 Reading)

It is untimed and at the kết thúc of it , you will get your CEFR Level.

#15: EFSET Test

EFSET Test: You can take the online English tests as many times as you need lớn improve sầu your results for free.

The EF SET is the most convenient & learner-centric English test in the world.

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The EF SET (50 min) accurately measures all skill levels, beginner lớn proficient, in alignment with the internationally recognized standard, theCommon European Framework of Reference (CEFR)null

#16: TOEIC Word List

Now you can also study vocabulary using a TOEIC Word List, Rethành viên that the greathử nghiệm benefit of using these lists is thatTOEIC Exams actually contain these words.

You can download those words by frequency và with definitions:

Links for TSL 1.1 word list:

Link lớn miễn phí TSL 1.1 flashcards on Quizlet with English definitions#17: TOEIC Test PDF

You can print these files for you or your students so they can prepare for the TOEIC

#18: TOEIC Apps

These are some of the TOEIC Apps available for Android and IOS

TOEIC 900 has 5900 questions of TOEIC Reading with translation và full explanation for correct answer. TOEIC* Test – Improve sầu your score is a user-friendly tiện ích designed khổng lồ help you study, practice and prepare for your official TOEIC Test, or simply lớn improve your English skills.