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Challenge & inspire your teenage learners lớn think beyond language.

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Whether inside or outside the classroom, American THiNK goes beyond building strong language skills to lớn developing the whole learner - with an emphasis on critical thinking, values & self-esteem - ensuring academic & lifelong success.

Culture lessons encourage students lớn talk about life in other countries & how it compares with their own.
"THiNK Exams" lessons and assessment-style activities prepare students for success at English: Key, Preliminary và First.
Graded Workbook activities & extra ideas in the interleaved Teacher’s Edition are ikhuyến mãi for mixed-ability classes.
Flexible digital tư vấn includes Presentation Plus classroom presentation software, online workbooks & interactive ebooks.

See how American Think enables Better Learning experiences

Better Learning is our simple approach where deeper insights help shape richer content that drives stronger results.

Experience Better Learning

American THiNK"s thought-provoking topics và a focus on developing cognitive sầu skills challenge và inspire teens lớn become lifelong learners.

Foster a deeper màn chơi of engagement

American THiNK explores complex issues and topics of interest to lớn teens and offers insights inlớn other people & cultures.

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Build good habits of mind

Train lớn THiNK activites that are integrated into lớn lessons help your students sharpen their critical thinking skills–from sequencing và problem solving khổng lồ evaluating information and supporting opinions–developing the habits of mind that are essential khổng lồ successful learning across the curriculum.

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Instill positive sầu values

THiNK Values activities encourage your students to reflect on positive social behaviours & important universal values such as developing intercultural awareness, understanding of global issues và appreciation & respect for others.

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Promote healthy self-esteem

THiNK Self-Esteem activities help your students develop healthy sense of self-worth encourages them khổng lồ have positive sầu attitudes about themselves and others.

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nguồn up your classroom with flexible digital materials

THiNK offers digital tư vấn in a variety of formats to provide flexibility in teaching và learning, including:

Presentation Plus classroom presentation software with interactive sầu exercises, including full audio and Clip programmesOnline workbook with additional practice exercises, tests & worksheets at different levels for mixed-ability classroomsInteractive sầu student"s ebooks for use on tablets và laptops

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English Corpus-informed nội dung và research-based pedagogy combine khổng lồ develop students" language và cognitive skills simultaneously.

Expertise in teen cognitive development

The world-renowned author team of Herbert Puchta, Jeff Stranks, và Peter Lewis-Jones brings extensive sầu expertise in teen pedagogy & cognitive sầu psychology lớn create effective sầu và efficient learning experiences.

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Explore English as it is actually used

The vast database of the English Corpus helps students learn English as it is actually used, và teachers are alerted to areas where learners are likely lớn encounter difficulties.

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THiNK Exams" lessons and assessment-style activities throughout each level help prepare students for the English Key, Preliminary, First và Advanced Exams.

THiNK Exams lessons and assessment-style activities

THiNK helps you prepare students for English exams.

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Looking for British English?

Would you prefer a course in British English? Or are you looking for the British English edition of THiNK? Use the links below lớn find out more.

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