With SPSS Statistics you can:

Analyze & better understand your data, and solve complex business and research problems through a user friendly interface.Understand large and complex data sets quickly with advanced statistical procedures that help ensure high accuracy & unique decision making.Use extensions, Pythuôn và R programming language code to integrate with open source software.Select & manage your software easily, with flexible deployment options.

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SPSS Statistics is available for Microsoft Windows and the Mac operating system.

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→ Academic editions available

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Take a hàng hóa tour

Take a hands on tour of SPSS Statistics by analyzing a simple phối of employee data and running a variety of statistical tests.

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Find technical documentation

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Ask other users & experts for help

Questions about statistics, implementation, coding, general troubleshooting? Ask and get answers from other users and experts worldwide.

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What's new


SPSS Statistics 27: New release

Learn about new statistical algorithms, productivity and feature enhancements in the new release that boost your analysis.

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edquebecor.com SPSS Statistics tutorial

Get hands-on experience with SPSS Statistics by analyzing a simple mix of employee data and running a variety of statistical tests.

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A leader in statistical analysis software

Learn why G2 Crowd named SPSS Statistics a Leader in Statistical Analysis Software for Winter 2020.

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Find out what's new in SPSS Statistics

Find out what's new in SPSS Statistics Read the blog

A powerful statistical analysis software platform


Easy khổng lồ use

Perform powerful analysis và easily build visualizations and reports through a point-and-cliông chồng interface, & without any coding experience.

Efficient data conditioning

Reduce data preparation time by identifying invalid values, viewing patterns of missing data và summarizing variable distributions.

Quick & reliable

Analyze large data sets and prepare data in a single step with automated data preparation.


Run advanced và descriptive sầu statistics, regression & more with an integrated interface. Plus, you can automate common tasks through syntax.

mở cửa source integration

Enhance SPSS syntax with R and Python using a library of extensions or by building your own.

Data security

Store files và data on your computer rather than in the cloud with SPSS that’s installed locally.

Take a closer look at edquebecor.com SPSS Statistics


Discriminant scores scatter


Bayesian procedures


Multilayer perceptron (MLP) network


Estimated marginal means


Discriminant scores scatter


Bayesian procedures


Multilayer perceptron (MLP) network


Estimated marginal means

Explore advanced statistical procedures with SPSS Statistics

Advanced statistics

Use univariate và multivariate modeling for more accurate conclusions in analyzing complex relationships.

Watch the đoạn phim (03:29)

Custom tables

Summarize large data sets easily.

Watch the đoạn Clip (02:46)


Predict categorical outcomes & apply nonlinear regression procedures.

Watch the video (02:37)

Decision trees

Use classification and decision trees to lớn help identify groups & relationships and predict outcomes.

Watch the video clip (13:49)

Direct marketing

Identify the right customers easily & improve campaign results.

Watch the đoạn phim (02:46)


Build time-series forecasts regardless of your skill màn chơi.

Watch the đoạn phim (03:14)

Neural networks

Discover complex relationships and improve predictive models.

Watch the đoạn Clip (03:23)


Predict outcomes and reveal relationships using categorical data.

Watch the đoạn phim (03:34)

Complex samples

Analyze statistical data & interpret survey results from complex samples.

Watch the Clip (03:05)


Understvà and measure purchasing decisions better.

Watch the đoạn phim (03:11)

Exact tests

Reach more accurate conclusions with small samples or rare occurrences.

Watch the đoạn phim (03:09)

Missing values

Uncover missing data patterns, estimate summary statistics and impute missing values.

Watch the đoạn phim (03:23)

Which option is right for you?

SPSS Statistics Subscription

The easiest way lớn buy, you can phối up và manage SPSS Statistics without licensing keys.

SPSS Statistics 27

A one-time purchase, SPSS Statistics 27 features flexible licensing options and tư vấn for SPSS Statistics.

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SPSS Statistics Campus Editions, GradPaông chồng và Faculty Packs

These versions offer predictive sầu analytics for students, teachers & researchers.

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