2 was being laughed at 3 Has (your car) been serviced ​ 4 were arrested, were seen, had been broken ​

5 is being renovated 6 is repaired / has been repaired ​ 7 are threatened / are being threatened

Exercise 2 page 40 

1Our contact details can easily be found on the trang web.

Bạn đang xem: Solutions upper intermediate 2nd edition workbook answers

2My house has recently been broken inkhổng lồ (by thieves).

3In German cities the streets are often cleaned at night.

4That tuy nhiên was beautifully sung.

5This vintage car has been very well looked after.

6The student was spoken lớn by the teacher about his bad behaviour.

Exercise 3 page 40 

1 have sầu been stolen 2

be worn 3 have been lost 4 be done ​


have been made 6

have reported 7 be stored ​


be chosen


Exercise 4 page 40 

1I thought that I’d been / I thought that I was being followed.

2This house will never be sold.

3The thực đơn bar can be found at the top of the screen.

4The children were looked after by the babysitter.

5That man has been staring at me.

Challenge! page 40 

Students’ own answers

5C Culture

Internet privacy

Exercise 1 page 41 


side effect 2 diagnosis 3 injection 4 laboratory ​


patent 6 laser

Exercise 2 page 41 

1 c 2 a 3 d 4 b 5 d 6 b

Exercise 3 page 41 

1 T 2 T

Exercise 4 page 41 

Audioscript $ Listening 18 page 41 

1I don’t really see what the fuss is all about. What harm vì chưng advertisements do? I don’t think they ever really persuade anyone to buy anything. Most people pay no attention to them. You can usually skip them, or just press the mute key on your keyboard. No, I don’t think ads are intrusive sầu at all. And actually, come to lớn think of it, I like it when I see an ad for something that I’m interested in pop up on the screen. So they are providing a useful service in my opinion.

2It’s all part of the surveillance culture that’s developing in this country. We’re on CCTV wherever we go. You walk down the street, there’s a camera there;

you walk into lớn a store, there’s a camera on you there. There was a time when people’s lives were really private, but nowadays we leave a trail wherever we go – even when we’re sitting at home in front of our computers!

3Companies that gather personal information about you look after the data; they store it safely and don’t chia sẻ it without your consent. Anyway, it’s not lượt thích the information is very sensitive, is it? And I’ve got nothing khổng lồ hide. So these companies know my tin nhắn, my date of birth, what websites I visit … So what?

4Nowadays everyone expects everything on the Internet to be không lấy phí. But companies lượt thích Google & Facebook have khổng lồ make money; there’s nothing wrong with that. And they use the information we give sầu them for legitimate purposes, so I’m happy to sacrifice my privacy for the service they provide. In effect, we’re paying for the use of these sites with our personal data.

5I think Internet privacy is a real issue và very worrying. Advertisers are targeting young children và teenagers & encouraging them to spkết thúc money, often on unhealthy things lượt thích sugary drinks và junk food. It’s going the same way as TV advertising. And it’s been a real struggle khổng lồ control advertising on children’s TV, hasn’t it? The Internet clearly needs regulating and there need khổng lồ be tough laws to protect our personal data và khổng lồ stop companies advertising products lớn children and young people.

6I don’t mind too much that big organisations know lots of stuff about me. For me, the problem is that I don’t really trust them khổng lồ keep the information safe. I’m not saying they’ll necessarily be careless with it or – worse – give it away, but I don’t think they should hang on to lớn it even if they want lớn. You often hear about websites getting hacked into lớn và lists of passwords being stolen. There are people out there, hackers, with the skill lớn break inkhổng lồ the most well-protected databases. That’s a serious worry.

2, 5, 6

Exercise 5 page 41 

Audioscript $ Listening 18 page 41 

1 c 2 b 3 f 4 d 5 e 6 a

Challenge! page 41 

Students’ own answers

5D Reading


Exercise 1 page 42 

1 pirated 2 jailbroken 3 piracy 4 hacking 5 Jailbreakers ​ 6 hackers

Exercise 2 page 42 

1 two 2 none

Exercise 3 page 42 

1 C 2 H 3 A 4 D 5 F 6 E

Exercise 4 page 42 

1They want lớn start a fight.

2Because he had received hate mail on Facebook.

3the suicide of several people after being targeted by trolls

4Because they think they can remain anonymous and no one will discover who they are.

5discthua trận the identity of the trolls who were attacking Nicola Brookes

Challenge! page 42 

Students’ own answers


5E Grammar

Use of the passive

Exercise 1 page 44 

Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 when he was a student at Harvard University. It was originally intended to lớn be a game in which photos of students could be compared & rated according khổng lồ who was the most attractive. The project was banned by the college within days, but it later became

the basis for the social-networking site we know today. At first, membership was granted only lớn students, but later all people over the age of thirteen were allowed khổng lồ join. Today, Facebook is actively used by over one billion people. In 2011, Zuckerberg was declared by Forbes Magazine to lớn be the ninth most powerful person in the world.

Exercise 2 page 44 

1The lakes in our region have sầu been polluted.

2The house next door has been sold.

3You will be told when to lớn start the exam.

4The kids should have sầu been picked up before four o’clock.

5I was not informed about the change of venue.

6I hope I won’t be blamed for the accident.

7Wi-fi will be installed in the school once a price has been agreed on.

8The concert wouldn’t have been cancelled if more tickets had been sold.

Exercise 3 page 44 

2He hasn’t been taught good manners.

3I’m being promised a big pay rise by my boss.

4I was given ten minutes khổng lồ biến hóa my mind.

5Martin won’t be offered the job.

6The cleverest students were awarded prizes.

7Harry is owed £100 by the ngân hàng.

8The boy was thrown a lifebelt.

Challenge! page 44 

Students’ own answers

5F Speaking

Stimulus description

Exercise 1 page 45 

1 seems 2 though 3 possible 4 imagine 5 Judging ​ 6 Chances 7 than

Exercise 2 page 45 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 3 page 45 

Audioscript $ Listening 19 page 45 

I think the khách sạn in the second pholớn would be the best option because I think it looks cosy và comfortable – much more so than the others. I should imagine that it’s a very friendly hotel as well, & not too big & impersonal. I wouldn’t choose the first khách sạn because it looks too modern. It doesn’t look very comfortable khổng lồ me. Judging by the décor, I’d say that it’s the kind of hotel business people would use. I don’t think it’d be very suitable for families. I think my mum would hate it! The reason I wouldn’t go for the third khách sạn is that it looks rather ordinary. If we’re going away for a fun weekover with my family, I’d lượt thích lớn stay somewhere a bit more special. So, my choice would be the second khách sạn.

She chooses the hotel in the second photo. It looks cosy, comfortable và friendly, and not too big & impersonal. The first hotel looks too modern và not very comfortable, and it is more suitable for business people than families. The third hotel looks too ordinary.

Exercise 4 page 45 

Audioscript $ Listening 19 page 45 

1second, option, cosy, comfortable

2choose, first, it looks too modern

3reason, third, it looks rather ordinary


Exercise 5 page 45 

Students’ own answers

5G Writing


Exercise 1 page 46 

2She was khổng lồ spend a week with us.

3she would have to lớn pay her university fees.

4she was going khổng lồ get a new smartphone for her birthday.

5she would never forget my / our / his / her / their kindness.

6the film was starting in five sầu minutes.

Exercise 2 page 46 

1‘Where’s the satnav?’ she asked.

2‘He’s so lazy!’ she muttered. ‘He never helps.’

3‘What you need,’ he commented, ‘is a holiday.’

4‘My favourite sport,’ he declared, ‘is rugby.’

5‘I hate you!’ she screamed. ‘Get out of here!’

Exercise 3 page 46 

1 bellowed 2 grumbled 3 remarked 4 announced ​ 5 acknowledged

Exercise 4 page 46 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 5 page 46 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 6 page 46 

Students’ own answers

Unit 6

6A Vocabulary & listening

Describing food

Exercise 1 page 47 

1 unpleasant – 2 stale – 3 tough – 4 tasteless – ​

5 creamy + 6 blvà – 7 crispy + 8 bitter – 9 greasy –

Exercise 2 page 47 

1 mild 2 sour 3 disgusting 4 juicy 5 stodgy 6 crumbly​ 7 salty


Exercise 3 page 47 


plate 2

potalớn 3 nutshell 4 beans 5 butter 6 lunch ​


beans 8

peanuts 9 pie

Challenge! page 47 

Students’ own answers

6B Grammar

Passive: advanced structures

Exercise 1 page 48 

1are known lớn have been early human settlements

2is known that soldiers in the ancient Roman army received

3was thought that salternative text was

4is thought khổng lồ have been one of the factors

5is believed lớn have

6believed lớn be health problems

Exercise 2 page 48 

1Two thousand years ago, the earth was known khổng lồ be round.

2The dinosaurs are believed lớn have sầu died out because of a huge meteor impact.

3There are known to lớn have been jellyfish in the sea for more than 500 million years.

4Today, the earth is known to lớn be 4.5 billion years old.

Exercise 3 page 48 

1may / might have sầu been told about the party

2must be paid for in advance

3should be watered once a week

4may / might be eaten by rabbits

5must have sầu been stolen

Exercise 4 page 48 

1 being given 2 being told 3 lớn be called 4 lớn be elected ​


to lớn be interviewed 6 being seen 7 lớn be collected ​


khổng lồ be treated

Challenge! page 48 

Students’ own answers

6C Culture

Healthy living

Exercise 1 page 49 


energy imbalance 2 weight gain 3 sedentary lifestyle ​


portion size 5 fat cells

Exercise 2 page 49 

1 offfering 2


3 originally 4

venemous ​


naturally 6

known 7

interesting 8

findings ​


unexpected 10 alcoholism


Exercise 3 page 49 

1to control the blood sugar levels of people with type 2 diabetes

2Exenatide is artificially produced. Exendin-4 occurs naturally.

3the saliva

4the reward centres

5all kinds of addictions, including drug dependency & alcoholism

Exercise 4 page 49 

Audioscript $ 1.trăng tròn page 49 

1I’ve been on lots of diets in my life – the grapefruit diet, the low-carb diet, the pasta diet. None of them has worked for me – và most people fail on diets. So I think a pill for losing weight is a great idea. Some people might think it’s cheating – you know, being lazy because you can’t be bothered khổng lồ diet or exercise. Like a short cut to being slyên. But what they don’t

understvà is how difficult it is to lose weight once you become overweight in the first place. This pill could help you get down khổng lồ a healthy weight. Then it’s up to you, as an individual, lớn eat healthier food và vày plenty of exercise

– keep the weight off, I mean. The pill just sets you on the right path.

2These days, there’s a pill for everything, isn’t there? Can’t sleep? Take a sleeping pill. Feel sad? Take a happy pill. It’s gone too far, in my opinion. Now there’s

a pill for obesity. But obesity isn’t a disease – it’s the result of certain lifestyle choices. If you eat the right amount & vày plenty of exercise, you don’t become obese. It’s as simple as that. All these people who claim that they’ve sầu tried everything but can’t thua thảm weight – well, I just don’t believe them.

3I think this pill is a good thing. Personally, I’ve sầu never tried to lớn đại bại weight – if anything, I’d lượt thích to be a bit bigger! But I don’t blame people for trying it.

I know how hard it can be to lớn diet. I suppose the only worry would be if people go too far. You know, if they take the pill lớn lose weight when they’re already quite thin. That could be dangerous, especially for teenagers. They might, you know, overdose on them – trying to lớn get as thin as possible. I blame all those adverts in magazines; they put so much pressure on young girls to lớn be skinny, don’t they?


Exercise 5 page 49 

Audioscript $ Listening 20 page 49 a 2 b 1 c 3 d 1 e 2 f 3

6D Reading

Trade secrets

Exercise 1 page 50 

1 consumption 2 knowledge 3 success 4 approval ​

5 operation 6 advertisement 7 argument 8 discovery ​ 9 invention

Exercise 2 page 50 

1 tiredness (n), tire (v) 2 shortness (n), shorten (v) ​ 3 similarity (n) 4 straightness (n), straighten (v) ​ 5 unhappiness (n) 6 generality / generalisation (n), generalise (v)

Sentences: Students’ own answers

Exercise 3 page 50 

Lea và Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

Exercise 4 page 50 

1 Kentucky Fried Chicken 2 Dr Pepper ​

3 Kentucky Fried Chicken 4 Lea và Perrins Worcestershire Sauce​ 5 Lea và Perrins Worcestershire Sauce 6 Kentucky Fried Chicken​ 7 Kentucky Fried Chicken 8 Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce​ 9 Dr Pepper

Challenge! page 50 

1 the year Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce went on sale ​

2 the price Bill Waters paid for the old notebook 3 the original recipe was revealed after 170 years 4 notebook is expected to lớn sell for between $50,000 & $75,000 5 the number of herbs & spices that coat the Original Recipe chicken


6E Grammar

Articles và quantifiers

Exercise 1 page 52 

1 the 2

– 3

a 4 an 5 The 6 the 7 a 8 an 9 a ​

10 a 11

a 12

a 13 the 14 – 15 the

Exercise 2 page 52 

1 a 2 c 3 a 4 c 5 b

Exercise 3 page 52 


a little 2 few 3 little 4 a few 5 a little 6 little 7 few ​


a few

Exercise 4 page 52 

1 – 2 of 3 – 4 of 5 – 6 of

Exercise 5 page 52 

1saw no polar bears

2were hardly any people

3every child a copy

4eat the whole cake

5nearly all (of) his holiday / nearly the whole of his holiday

6F Speaking

Stimulus description

Exercise 1 page 53 

Audioscript $ Listening 21 page 53 

Well, I think I’d go for the third option, the pizzeria. Why? Well, firstly because it’s the easiest khổng lồ organise. You just need to agree when and where you’re going. You don’t need khổng lồ go shopping or make complicated arrangements. And secondly, because it’s indoors – so you can go in the evening, & you don’t need good weather. I wouldn’t choose the picnic because you need a really nice day for a picnic, & also, you probably need lớn prepare quite a

lot – making sandwiches, stuff like that. And I wouldn’t choose the barbecue because, like the picnic, you need good weather. And also, sometoàn thân has to vì chưng the cooking, so they can’t really relax. The food is often burnt too at a barbecue

– and raw on the inside!

Choice: b

Reason 1: It’s the easiest to organise, so you don’t need to lớn go shopping or make complicated arrangements.

Reason 2: It’s indoors, so you can go in the evening và you don’t need good weather.

Exercise 2 page 53 

1 c 2 e 3 a 4 b 5 d 6 i 7 h 8 f 9 g 10 k 11 m ​

12 l 13 j

Exercise 3 page 53 

A 3 B 1 C 4

Exercise 4 page 53 

Students’ own answers

6G Writing

Description of a place

Exercise 1 page 54 

1 D 2 E 3 B 4 A 5 C

Exercise 2 page 54 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 3 page 54 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 4 page 54 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 5 page 54 

Students’ own answers

3 Get Ready for your Exam 3

EXAM TASK – Reading page 55 

1 C 2 D 3 G 4 H 5 B 6 I 7 A

EXAM TASK – Listening page 55 

Audioscript $ Listening 22 page 55 

Speaker 1 They say that crash dieting only leads to lớn putting the weight back on and then some. Well, I can atchạy thử to this, because I followed some stupid fruit diet last year & the weight fell off – I lost eight kilos in four weeks. I was thrilled & bought a whole new wardrobe. But as soon as I started eating normally again, the weight piled baông chồng on. Now I’m counting calories so I can get back inlớn my new clothes!

Speaker 2 Weight gain is a simple equation. If you consume more calories than the toàn thân expends in energy, then the excess will be stored as fat. I’m lucky in that I’ve always played a lot of sport, so weight has never really been an issue, except for once when I broke my hip & couldn’t move sầu for eight weeks. The numbers on the scales started creeping up & for the first time I had to watch what I was eating!

Speaker 3 I’ve been on a diet for as long as I can rethành viên. Now I automatically calculate the calories of every single thành công of food I consume, và I know the calorie count of everything. I can’t help it – I just vị it. Calorie counting is the best way. I’ve sầu tried every diet there is, including crash diets, but I’m always a couple of kilos overweight. I’d like lớn thảm bại a bit more, then I could splash out on some new clothes!

Speaker 4 I’ve always been big like my dad. I’m strong but can easily put on weight. I used lớn be called ‘fatty’at school until I started playing rugby. My dad used to play rugby when he was younger, but now a lot of his muscle has

turned lớn fat. He really should vì chưng more exercise or it’ll be bad for his heart when he gets older. The same will go for me, unless I work hard at staying fit. Speaker 5 I’ve never had lớn worry about what I eat or dieting. In fact, people are always telling me that I’m looking a bit too thin, which is annoying! I’m a runner and train four or five sầu days a week, so I find that I can eat what I want. But actually it’s important to lớn eat correctly for energy & lớn help your toàn thân recover, so I still think about what food I eat – I just don’t need to lớn count calories!

1crash dieting

2as many calories

3by counting

4gain / put on weight

5(to) recover

EXAM TASK – Use of English page 56 

1 B 2 D 3 A 4 B 5 C 6 D


Unit 7

7A Vocabulary & listening


Exercise 1 page 57 


flash 2 rolling news 3 breaking 4

broadsheet ​


editorial 6 tabloid 7 censorship 8

eyewitness ​

9 news blog 10 correspondent 11 column 12 front ​ 13 citizen

Exercise 2 page 57 

Audioscript $ Listening 23 page 57 

Anchor We’re interrupting the programme for a news flash. Let’s go direct lớn our correspondent in Abalomu, Daniel Jenkins. Dan, what have sầu you got for us? Dan I have some important breaking news. There are reports that the government has been overthrown và the army has taken over the country. Eyewitness accounts speak of tanks on the streets, and troops are reported to lớn have sầu surrounded the presidential palace and government buildings. You can probably hear the sound of gunfire behind me.

Anchor Yes, và we can see smoke rising in the distance. Any news of the president’s whereabouts?

Dan We’ve sầu heard nothing from his press office but there’ve sầu been unconfirmed sightings of government vehicles leaving the palace. The last we heard … seen travelling west … the mountains … another unconfirmed sighting …

Anchor We seem khổng lồ be having technical problems with Dan’s satellite phone, I think. Apologies for that … it’s one of the hazards of live broadcasts. We’ll get baông xã khổng lồ Dan as soon as we can re-establish tương tác. Now, let’s have sầu a look at the stories on tomorrow’s front pages. Here to discuss the first editions of tomorrow’s newspapers with me is Mervin Ball of The Times. Welcome, Mervin. Mervin Thank you.

Anchor So, shall we look at the tabloids first?

Mervin Yes, well, most of the tabloids lead with the story of England’s 5–0 defeat at the hands of Germany earlier this evening. So in one tabloid the headline is ‘Don’t mention the score’ và we have ‘Engl& surrender lớn the Germans’in another.

Anchor They always manage to lớn refer to the war, don’t they?

Mervin Yes, typical tabloid headlines. The joke’s wearing a bit thin now, though, over 60 years on. And The Mirror leads with a human-interest story – an account of a lottery winner’s journey from riches to lớn rags.

Anchor What about the broadsheets?

Mervin The Times leads with the government’s lakiểm tra education reforms, và is very critical of them in an editorial on the inside pages. The Guardian leads with the same story, but welcomes the reforms in its editorial.

Anchor And The Independent has a front-page article on the lachạy thử banking scandal …

Mervin Yes, that’s right: ‘Government to lớn regulate banking’. And finally, The Telegraph has an interesting article about leaked plans khổng lồ introduce Internet censorship laws. They’re worried about the amount of racist material on the Internet.

Anchor OK. Thank you, Mervin. Now I think we are able khổng lồ rejoin Dan Jenkins in Abalomu … Dan, can you hear me?

1 T 2 F 3 F 4 F 5 T 6 F

Exercise 3 page 57 

1 plea 2 axe cộ 3 bid, curb 4 quit 5 vow

Challenge! page 57 

Students’ own answers

7B Grammar

Reported speech

Exercise 1 page 58 

1(that) I / we should read her newsblog

2(that) she would be working at trang chủ the next / following day

3(that) she hates watching the news on TV

4(that) I / we hadn’t been working hard enough

5that he hadn’t expected the broadcast to be live

6(that) he would like lớn borrow my newspaper

7(that) she doesn’t want to go to the theatre

Exercise 2 page 58 

1 told 2 said 3 said 4 told 5 says

Exercise 3 page 58 

1he was doing

2he was writing a letter to the newspaper

3(him) what the letter was about

4(that) it was about crime rates in our town

5there should be more police

6he should mention the recent bank robbery

7he would

8he could find the name of the bank

9(him) if he had looked online

10he couldn’t

11someone had stolen his laptop

Exercise 4 page 58 

Audioscript $ Listening 24 page 58 

Woman I’m carrying out a survey about newspapers. Do you have sầu a spare minute to answer some questions?

Man Sure. Fire away.

Woman Do you read newspapers?

Man Yes, I read the newspaper every day. 

Woman How many papers have you bought in the last week? Man I’ve bought a paper every day.

Woman Which is your favourite newspaper?

Man I like The Times. 

Woman Why vì chưng you lượt thích it?

Man There’s a good set of serious news and human-interest stories. Woman How could it be made even better?

Man There should be more sport. 

Woman Finally, bởi you trust newspaper journalists khổng lồ tell the truth? Man Yes, I bởi. Most of the time. 


2how many papers he had bought in the previous week.

3which his favourite newspaper was.

4why he liked it.

5how it could be made even better.

6if he trusted newspaper journalists lớn tell the truth.

Exercise 5 page 58 

a 5 b 2 c 6 d 1 e 3 f 4

Exercise 6 page 58 

(The man told her he read) the newspaper every day (& that) he had bought a paper (every day that week. He said) (that) he liked (The Times và that he liked it) because there was a good phối of serious news and human-interest stories. (However, he told her) (that) there should be more sport. (In answer lớn the final question, he said that) he trusted journalists to tell the truth most of the time.


Challenge! page 58 

Students’ own answers

7C Culture

Making news

Exercise 1 page 59 

1 democratised 2 build up 3 spreading 4 give 5 analyse​ 6 had

Exercise 2 page 59 

Audioscript $ Listening 25 page 59 

AThe Flaming Lips are celebrating today – not the sales of their latest album, massive sầu though they are, but the fact that they are now in Guinness World Records. The band has just received an award for performing the most live sầu shows in different cities in 24 hours. They appeared eight times across America as part of MTV’s O Music Awards show. Frontman Wayne Coyne said, ‘As the day went, everywhere we would go, they’d give us energy – now I feel I could go another 24 hours.’

BThe Prime Minister said that the management of Finlays’ Bank faced some serious questions after the institution was fined £290 million. Some of its employees illegally fixed the lending rate between city banks. However, Bob Emerald, the head of Finlays’ today refused to resign. Instead he condemned the behaviour of a small number of personnel who had tried lớn make profits for their own benefit. Government ministers said the ngân hàng had stolen from the public.

CPolice said that Rufus, a pet hawk, was taken with his cage from a vehicle outside the All England tennis club at Wimbledon this morning. The bird was in a oto parked on a private drive in Dunstall Road, with the rear window open for ventilation. Police said the working bird of prey frightens other birds away from the roof of the Wimbledon tennis courts. Its owner, Imoren Davies, is said lớn be very distressed. She said, ‘We just want to lớn know he’s OK.’

DThe government is mix khổng lồ announce details of how the army will be restructured as it loses a fifth of its personnel over the next few years. The Reviews will see troops cut from over 100,000 khổng lồ nearer 80,000 by 20trăng tròn. Senior army leaders opposed to lớn the changes said that the army would no longer be able khổng lồ fight in two countries at the same time. The Defence Secretary said that there was no way to lớn avoid difficult decisions as the army gets smaller.

EOver three million people have been left without electricity after violent storms hit the US capital last night. Winds of up to 130 kilometres an hour hit Washington DC & left many householders without air conditioning in the hottest summer on record, with temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius. Users of Twitter reported spectacular displays of lightning. A state of emergency was declared, with twelve sầu deaths being linked lớn the storm.

A 7 B 1 C 2 D 5 E 3

Exercise 3 page 59 

2 written 3

historic / historical 4

beginning / beginnings ​

5 daily 6 location 7 financial 8

criminal 9

government ​

10 lademo 11

employers 12 computerised 13

prolonged ​

14 literally




Challenge! page 59 

Students’ own answers

7D Reading

Early communication

Exercise 1 page 60 


catch on 2 dragged on 3 put up with 4 phối up ​


settled on 6 come up with

Exercise 2 page 60 

Photo 1 C ​Photo lớn 2 D ​Photo 3 B

Exercise 3 page 60 


Exercise 4 page 60 

1 T 2 F 3 F 4 T 5 F 6 T

Exercise 5 page 60 


work out 2

turn inkhổng lồ 3

stands for 4 pass on ​


made out 6

thought up


Challenge! page 60 

Students’ own answers

7E Grammar

Reporting verbs

Exercise 1 page 62 

1(He complained that) he had too much homework

2He explained that he had got up early because he had had a lot of work khổng lồ do.

3He announced that his sister was going to lớn have sầu a baby.

4He promised that he wouldn’t tell anyone my secret.

5He admitted that he had broken the vase in the living room.

Exercise 2 page 62 

2 a 3 c 4 b 5 b 6 b

Exercise 3 page 62 

1 lớn help 2 tell 3 stealing 4 of lying 5 on paying ​ 6 lớn go 7 khổng lồ give sầu 8 to swlặng 9 on passing

Exercise 4 page 62 

1My dad ordered me khổng lồ go to lớn my room that instant.

2Sarah reminded Clare khổng lồ phone her that evening.

3Owen denied eating all the biscuits. / Owen denied that he had eaten all the biscuits.

4Amy refused lớn lover Sandra her pink jacket.

5Mum demanded that Kate apologise khổng lồ Andrew.

6Dave sầu suggested that we (should) go và see a film.

7Robert apologised for losing his temper.

Challenge! page 62 

Students’ own answers

7F Speaking

Phokhổng lồ description

Exercise 1 page 63 

Audioscript $ Listening 26 page 63 

1You vị this when you’re using a phone with a touch screen. It means ‘move your finger across the screen’.

2I’m not sure how lớn say it in English. It’s a person who works for a newspaper or TV channel và they report the news from a particular place.

3What’s it called in English? It’s when everyone in the country votes for a new government.

4The word I’m looking for, it’s another way of saying somebody is ‘mean’. It has the same meaning, but it’s informal.

5He’s always … how bởi vì you say it in English? He’s always talking about his own achievements và saying how good he is …

6She’s really … I mean, she always thinks of herself, always puts herself first. In other words, she’s the opposite of considerate.

7The babé I ordered in the café was very … I’m not sure how to lớn say it in English. It means covered in oil or fat.

8I had a … what’s it called? It’s something that you have sầu when you are ill. The doctor or nurse puts a needle into lớn your arm. It usually stings a bit.

2 correspondent 3 election 4 stingy 5 boasting ​ 6 selfish 7 greasy 8 injection

Exercise 2 page 63 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 3 page 63 

1 can’t have sầu left 2 must have sầu had 3 must be ​

4 must have sầu been crying, might have sầu been chopping ​ 5 must have dropped ​

6 might have been working, might have sầu gone

Exercise 4 page 63 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 5 page 63 

Students’ own answers

7G Writing


Exercise 1 page 64 

1 A, D 2 C 3 B

Exercise 2 page 64 

1 The story is set 2 The plot revolves 3 the course ​ 4 the end

Exercise 3 page 64 

1complex, convincing, cunning, manipulative, fascinating, faithful, hard-working, selfless

2upsetting, gripping, thought-provoking

Exercise 4 page 64 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 5 page 64 

Students’ own answers

Unit 8

8A Vocabulary & listening

Global warming

Exercise 1 page 65 

1 d 2 a 3 e 4 b 5 c 6 h 7 f 8 i 9 j 10 g 11 m ​ 12 cl 13 n 14 o 15 k

Exercise 2 page 65 


wind turbine 2

solar panels 3 oil rig 4 electricity pylon ​


power station 6

exhaust fumes

Exercise 3 page 65 

Audioscript $ Listening 27 page 65 

And now, the news headlines at one o’cloông xã. North African leaders from several nations have sầu met in Egypt to lớn discuss plans for the Trans-Saharan natural gas pipeline. Although work has yet to lớn begin on the pipeline, its route has been agreed: it will run from the south of Nigeria, through Algeria to lớn the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This lathử nghiệm meeting is to discuss the financing of the project. In Rome, protestors are demonstrating outside a meeting of European energy ministers. Although the meeting aims khổng lồ agree new ways khổng lồ cut greenhouse gases, protestors point out that most of the ministers arrived for the meeting in private jets, which have sầu an unacceptably large carbon footprint, they claim. Plans khổng lồ build a new wind farm off the coast of Wales have met svào opposition from local residents. They clayên ổn that the proposed facility would harm tourism in the area, but the government argues that the wind farm is

an essential part of their Green Energy policy. Local activists are calling for a referendum on the issue.

And finally, fire fighters in London have rescued a six-week-old kitten called Sooty, who climbed ten metres up an electrithành phố pylon before getting stuông chồng. Sooty’s owner called the fire service when the kitten failed to come home page for its usual evening meal. Fire fighters say Sooty was lucky she did not come inlớn tương tác with any of the high voltage cables, or she could have sầu ended up being ‘Sooty’ in more ways than one …

1 b 2 c 3 a 4 a

Exercise 4 page 65 

1 captivity, the wild 2 extinction 3 Poaching 4 breeding ​ 5 threats, habitats 6 conserve, reserves

Challenge! page 65 

Students’ own answers

8B Grammar

Talking about ability

Exercise 1 page 66 

1 Were you able to 2 couldn’t 3 can’t / won’t be able khổng lồ ​ 4 Can you / Will you be able to lớn 5 were able lớn ​

6 can’t / isn’t able khổng lồ 7 could smell 8 managed to

Exercise 2 page 66 

3The oto park was dark, but we were able to / managed khổng lồ find our car.

4I’m worried that I won’t be able khổng lồ drive when I’m older.

8He worked hard all term & was able to / managed to pass his exams.

Exercise 3 page 66 

1Did you manage to visit your cousins?

2I won’t be able to play tennis next Friday, I’m afraid.

3Can you help at the summer fair?

4I succeeded in booking the last seat on the flight.

5Could you swyên when you were five?

Exercise 4 page 66 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 5 page 66 

1 Were you able khổng lồ / Did you manage khổng lồ ​

2 couldn’t / wasn’t able khổng lồ 3 Can you / Will you be able to ​ 4 can / ’ll be able to lớn 5 can / ’ll be able khổng lồ / ’ll manage khổng lồ ​ 6 Can 7 can 8 could 9 can / ’ll be able khổng lồ 10 can’t

Challenge! page 66 

Students’ own answers

8C Culture

Feed the world

Exercise 1 page 67 

1 semi-final 2 ex-president 3 misspelled 4 undervalued ​ 5 multi-talented

Exercise 2 page 67 

1 C 2 E 3 A 4 D

Exercise 3 page 67 

a Africa and Asia b the West

Exercise 4 page 67 

Audioscript $ Listening 28 page 67 

Have sầu I eaten bugs? Well, not insects exactly – but I’ve eaten worms. It was when I was on a trip around the world with a frikết thúc from school. We took a year out between school và university. Four months into the trip, we were in Samoa, in the South Pacific. It was in November, I think, and we heard that

something special was happening that night on the beach. Everyone there was really excited about it, so when it was dark, we went down to lớn the sea lớn kiểm tra out what was happening. I’d never seen anything lượt thích it. The moon was bright và the sea looked as if it were boiling – but in fact, we were told it was the one night of the year when the palolo worms come khổng lồ the surface in order lớn reproduce. The locals go into lớn the sea with nets và catch thousands of them. It was amazing lớn watch. Some people were just picking them out of the sea and eating them raw. But most people were collecting them in buckets. We didn’t eat any that night but the next day we tried them fried. They tasted OK – I mean, they weren’t delicious, in my opinion, but I’m glad I tried them. It was an experience!

1 F 2 T 3 T 4 F 5 F

Challenge! page 67 

Students’ own answers

8D Reading

Natural resources in space

Exercise 1 page 68 


chunks 2 particles 3 lumps 4 specks 5 fragments ​


bits 7 flakes

Exercise 2 page 68 

1 constellation 2 star 3 meteorite 4 universe 5 planet ​ 6 moon 7 solar system 8 galaxy 9 Asteroids

Exercise 3 page 68 c

Exercise 4 page 68 

1 D 2 A 3 G 4 F 5 B 6 E

Exercise 5 page 68 

1 T 2 F 3 T 4 T 5 F 6 T 7 F

Challenge! page 68 

Students’ own answers

8E Grammar

Relative sầu clauses

Exercise 1 page 70 

1 which 2 that 3 when 4 where 5 who 6 whose

Exercise 2 page 70 

1d: I think I’ve lost the book my best friend gave me for my birthday.

2b: Covent Garden, which used to be a fruit and vegetable market, is a popular place for tourists khổng lồ visit.

3f: Harper Lee, whose first novel was To Kill A Mockingbird, did not like appearing in public.

4a: Camp Nou stadium, where Barcelomãng cầu play their trang chính matches, can hold nearly 99,000 fans.

5c: The hotel we stayed at in Paris last summer burned down last week.

6e: I wish I hadn’t lost the phone number of the girl I met at my cousin’s wedding.

Exercise 3 page 70 

1who was arrested at the scene

2which / that belonged to the victim

3which / that was signed by the suspect

4which had been denied by the police

5which / that contained various weapons

6which was built in the 17th century

Exercise 4 page 70 

1I’ve sầu got a place on a course starting in October.

2The university, located just outside Edinburgh, is only ten years old.

3The course leads khổng lồ a diploma recognised by all major employers.

4The tuition fees, totalling £9,000 a year, would be unaffordable without a scholarship.

5My scholarship, awarded by the university, is worth £7,000 a year.

Challenge! page 70 

Students’ own answers

8F Speaking

Stimulus description

Exercise 1 page 71 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 2 page 71 

Audioscript $ Listening 29 page 71 

I think the best poster for getting people to lớn save energy is the third one. I’d go for that one because I think it’s quite interesting – it makes you think a bit. The first poster, for example, isn’t interesting at all. We all know that turning off

lights is a way to save sầu energy. I just don’t think anyone would look twice at that poster. The second poster is OK – I like the fact that it includes a funny cartoon. But it isn’t very realistic, because lots of people simply can’t choose khổng lồ walk or cycle khổng lồ school; they need lớn go by bus or tram. The third poster is interesting because it made me want to lớn know more. Why does painting your walls trắng help lớn save sầu energy? I’d lượt thích to know the answer – I’ll probably look online later lớn find out.

She chooses poster 3 because it makes you think & want to lớn know more.

Exercise 3 page 71 

Audioscript $ Listening 30 page 71 

I think it’s very important for people to lớn reduce their energy consumption. The main reason is that we really bởi need to reduce our carbon footprint. But personally, I think companies & manufacturers should bởi vì a lot more to help. Why bởi I think that? Well, for one thing, there are so many aspects which individuals can’t control. For example, how much electriđô thị your máy tính uses.

Only businesses can develop new giải pháp công nghệ lớn reduce energy consumption. Another thing is, they should reduce the amount of packaging they use

– especially plastic packaging. On top of that, they should make sure the products themselves contain materials which can be recycled.


Exercise 4 page 71 

Audioscript $ Listening 30 page 71 

1 main 2 that 3 thing 4 thing 5 top

Exercise 5 page 71 

2f; it does cost a lot.

3a; they vày play tennis once a week.

4e; I do lượt thích prawn cocktail.

5d; it did contain a few interesting scenes.

6b; he does get Sundays off.

8G Writing

Opinion essay

Exercise 1 page 72 

2international agreements to lớn reduce carbon emissions, e.g. Kyoto – maybe more ambitious targets in future

3advancing technology – may be able to lớn remove sầu greenhouse gases in future

4global warming out of control when Trung Quốc and India reach lifestyle of US

Exercise 2 page 72 

1 said 2 say 3 deny 4 recognise 5 should 6 is ​ 7 pointing 8 arguing

Tick: 1, 3, 5, 7

Exercise 3 page 72 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 4 page 72 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 5 page 72 

Students’ own answers

4 Get Ready for your Exam 4

EXAM TASK – Reading page 73 

1 B 2 E 3 C 4 D

EXAM TASK – Listening page 73 

Audioscript $ Listening 31 page 73 

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was eighteen và first travelled round Europe with a friover. It was the meat and fish markets on the Continent that brought me khổng lồ the conclusion that I could no longer justify eating meat. I realised then that the supermarkets in Britain that I was used khổng lồ – with their plastic slices of meat in their plastic containers – had shielded me from the unwelcome truth of where meat actually came from. In the meat markets of Italy, for example, the vendors were unashamed about the origins of their wares. Deer, pig, và lamb carcasses hung above sầu their stalls in the sunshine, & live rabbits và chickens sat in boxes, waiting lớn be bought and killed for the dinner table. It occurred

to me with sudden clarity that I would not be able to kill an animal for food, và if I couldn’t vì chưng that, then I personally shouldn’t eat meat at all. I ordered an omelette and salad that evening in a café, và when I went home page I looked further into lớn the production of meat for human consumption.

What I found out about factory farming horrified me. Those animals in the Italian market at least had had a decent life on a small farm in the country first. Factory farming in Britain – where animals are bred and slaughtered without even their basic living requirements met – was cruel and inhumane. At that time, pigs lived and gave birth chained in pens with no room even khổng lồ move or lie down. Chickens were kept similarly in tiny boxes purely to produce as many eggs as possible. I thought that we as humans should behave far better than this lớn the animals we kept. And as a vegetarian, I needed to make sure that the eggs I ate were from free-range hens.

Animal welfare has been my passion for the last ten years & I am a highly active thành viên of the organisation Compassion in World Farming. We frequently chiến dịch for the better treatment of animals, and with some success. Those pig pens are no longer used, for example. Much higher standards of animal welfare now have sầu khổng lồ be met and farms are routinely inspected. We have sầu campaigned to get rid of battery hens & finally a law is being passed in Britain lớn ban them. I’m now particularly involved in protesting against animal testing, a lot of which I think is wasteful and unnecessary torture. I think as humans we can only be judged by how well we treat the dumb animals in our care.

1 B 2 A 3 C 4 A

EXAM TASK – Use of English page 74 


tracking 2 didn’t think 3

is / was usually reserved ​


would be fully integrated 5

would be tracking 6 have

caught 7 had vanished 8 not lớn disturb 9 had never experienced 10 hadn’t / had not had

Exercise 1 page 75 


careless 2 short-sighted 3

hysterical 4 pushy 5 foolish ​


pretentious 7 lãng mạn 8

thoughtless 9 eager ​

10 ruthless 11 deceitful


Exercise 2 page 75 

Audioscript $ Listening 32 page 75 

1When I was a child I used khổng lồ burst into tears at the slighthử nghiệm thing. Like if someone said something nasty or I thought one of my friends was ignoring me. Or worse still, if I lost a game of football or a board game, it seemed like the over of the world! I think my parents found it very difficult to cope with me!

2I was late for work and I had an important meeting first thing. I drove sầu well over the speed limit and I even jumped a red light. Well, it was probably still amber – just. But I didn’t think about the other road users or pedestrians. It wasn’t very sensible at all.

3A few years ago I had to sachồng a number of people at work. Business wasn’t going well & khổng lồ be honest, they weren’t particularly good at their jobs. What I should have done is called them into my office và explained the situation. But I just sent them emails on Friday afternoon so that I wouldn’t have sầu to lớn tell them face-to-face.

4At the supermarket the other day, there were really long queues at all the checkouts và people were getting very irritable. I realised that they would have lớn bring more staff onto the tills, so instead of joining a queue and then getting stuông xã, I hung baông chồng và kept an eye out for siêu thị assistants who looked lượt thích they were going lớn open a till. Then I quickly nipped in & was first in the queue!

5The girl was clearly out of her depth và didn’t have the strength khổng lồ swim baông chồng khổng lồ the shore. The current was carrying her towards the rocks, so I dived in and swam out khổng lồ her, and helped her bachồng in. I didn’t stop to think. I reckon anyone would have done the same in that situation.

6I wanted to make her feel at home page. She was an exchange student from France on her first trip abroad & probably feeling quite homesiông chồng, as you often bởi at that age. So I cooked a nice meal for her, & sat down with her after dinner and I asked her all about her family and her trang chính town. And I made sure that the heating was on in her room và that she had everything she needed.

1 over-sensitive sầu 2 reckless 3 cowardly 4 cunning ​ 5 courageous / heroic 6 hospitable / thoughtful

Exercise 3 page 75 

2It was clumsy / careless of her to knoông xã over an expensive vase.

3It was cynical / ruthless of hlặng to foul the centre forward when he was about lớn score.

4It was disloyal of hlặng khổng lồ spread gossip about his best frikết thúc.

5It was courageous / heroic of her to save sầu a child from a burning building.

6It’s altruistic / generous of him khổng lồ give sầu fifteen per cent of his salary to charity.

Exercise 4 page 75 

1 yearly 2 in a leisurely way / fashion / manner 3 daily ​ 4 in a jolly way / fashion / manner 5 early

Exercise 5 page 75 

1 hard 2 highly 3 lately 4 wrongly 5 close

Exercise 1 page 76 

1 should have recharged 2 might have sầu saved ​ 3 needn’t have worried 4 shouldn’t have sầu eaten

Exercise 2 page 76 

1 should have sầu turned 2 might / should have sầu told ​

3 needn’t / shouldn’t have sầu made 4 should / might have sầu let ​ 5 needn’t / shouldn’t have bought 6 needn’t have sầu got

Exercise 3 page 76 

1hadn’t sent, wouldn’t have known

2would have left, hadn’t been enjoying

3hadn’t taken, would have lasted

4wouldn’t have been, hadn’t been

5had stopped, would have sầu heard

Exercise 4 page 6 

2If the sun had been shining, we’d have gone to lớn the beach.

3If Harry hadn’t been driving recklessly, he wouldn’t have sầu been involved in a car crash.

4If Sam hadn’t been short of money, he’d have sầu bought the jeans.

5I wouldn’t have sầu eaten the sandwich if I hadn’t been hungry.

Challenge! page 76 

Students’ own answers

9C Culture

Family histories

Exercise 1 page 77 

1 careful / careless 2 hurtful / unhurt 3 immature ​

4 inappropriate 5 retrievable 6 unknown 7 questionable

Exercise 2 page 77 

1 about 2 what 3 up 4 with 5 that 6 which 7 had ​ 8 at 9 both 10 of

Exercise 3 page 77 

1 ancestors 2 websites, professional researchers ​

3 celebrities / well-known personalities 4 wrong 5 father’s

Exercise 4 page 77 

Audioscript $ Listening 33 page 77 

When people find out that I have been researching my family history, they usually ask, ‘Have sầu you found out anything interesting?’The answer is, of course, yes. But the most fascinating part of my hobby is solving historical puzzles.

Xem thêm: Câu Thơ “ Giếng Nước Gốc Đa Nhớ Người Ra Lính, Tác Dụng Của Phép Tu Từ

I first became interested in my family’s history when I was a teenager and my grandmother Patricia died. She had saved everything. My mother spent weeks going through old papers, letters, photos, toys and all sorts. I helped her. We went through all the photos and identified people and started to lớn draw up a family tree.

The first puzzle I needed khổng lồ solve sầu emerged fairly soon. There was no documentation about my mother’s grandfather at all. He would be my greatgrandfather. My mother remembers her mother – my grandmother Patricia