1     adj  An intermediate stage, level, or position is one that occurs between two other stages, levels, or positions.  usu ADJ n  You should consider breaking the journey with intermediate stopovers at airport hotels.   

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2     adj 
Intermediate learners of something have sầu some knowledge or skill but are not yet advanced.  The Badminton Club holds coaching sessions for beginners and intermediate players on Friday evenings.        An intermediate is an intermediate learner., n-count  The ski school coaches beginners, intermediates, and advanced skiers.   
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blend of 'phone' & 'tablet', a phablet is an oversized điện thoại device having a screen which is intermediate between that of a typical smartphone và a tablet computer
Ex: Your phablet is a little bulky for my taste but I must admit it offers a better visual experience for Web pages than my điện thoại thông minh.

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