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Solutions intermediate teachers_book

1. OX.FORD lJNTVBRSITY PRESS Great CLarendonStreet, Oford ox2 6Dp Oxford University Pressis a deparment of tle l.lnirusity of fford ' It furthers the Univenity's objectirrcofexcdlm in rcsczrt, -tnlarship, và education by publishing worldwide in Oxford NewYork Aucklvà CapeTown DaresSalaam Hqfq frr.cni Kualalumpur Madrid Melbouroe tlabGy Xeirobi NewDelhi Shanghai Taipei Tcmto With offices in Argentimãng cầu Austria Brazil Chife AdfAbfk Frax€ Gre€ce Guatemala Hungary Itily Fpo nd fqd Singapore South Korea Switzerlvà Tba1d fidry tkeine Viemam oxrono & oxrorD ExcLtsE irc rqiard tndc marks of Oxford University Pr€$ iD ful.Idicrnrin other counuies

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Oxford l.lniversityPrcss d The mord rights of th '.lr br bố sted Databaseright ffi Uri'Eit hrs iEL-l Fi$t publ'lsb€d 2mt 2sr3 2sE z}rr n5 1098755 All righs rcserrc4 Xopt dtEl leb may be reproduced, stored in a retieral gFi c*-d in any form or by :rny means, without the pirnirirLri-gcfodord University Press(with tle sole excelrindfu*chlm under the conditions stated in the paragnph H tGl,yil c asexpressly permitted by law, or under terms agntd rff th 14irr rtprographics rights organization. Enquiriescmrig|tpkbFdLtb€ scopeof the aboveshould be s€nttofuEf,f fFO:gac. OdrdUniversityPress, at the addressabtrc You muq d citl-tlr h-r i ry & binding or cover rrd t'on ffi -Etlb -dhin oo eny acquirer rtfr.lfr Tbe hb|rlr l- p-rir fu th pharopying of those pagesmarked 'pbdmfi tw Vocabulary:clothes;describingclothes Listening:a fashionshowcommentary;listeningforspecific information Speaking:describingclothes;beinginexacte.g.it'so kindof... Topic:people Tovị the lessonin 30 minutes,keepthe lead- in brief,spendno morethan3-4 minuteson exercise2 ond mix VocabularyBuilderand GrommarBuilderexercisesfor homework. t Lead-in 3minutes . Doa quickclasssurveybywritingthesesentenceson the board:I likewearingcomfortableclothes,Iikeboggy trousersand loosetops.I liketo lớn lookdifferentfrom other people. lt'simportantto me lớn lookfashionable.I reallydon't careaboutfashion. r Ask:Whichof thesestatementsdescribesyoubest?Students discussthesentenceswitha partnerfora minute.Findout witha showof handswhichisthemostpopularattitude. Exercise1 page4 . Askstudents:Whatorethesepeopledoingandwhereare they?$heyaremodellingclothesat a fashionshow.) . Beforestudentsdescribethephotos,checkthatthey understandthemeaningof thewordsin thebox,bygivinga translationandelicitingthe Englishword. r Tellstudentsto lớn workin pairslớn describethephotos,giving theiropinions.Askoneortwoof themkhổng lồ repeattheir descriptionskhổng lồ the restof theclass. KEY | 2 coat- alttheothersaresummerclothes 3 shirt- alltheothersarewornon legs 4 tie- alltheothersarewomen'sclothes 5 socks- alltheothersaretops 6 jeans- alltheothersareformal ltcruDES 0 & i: r clothesr describingctoth€s. compoundadjectives. nationalit,:, . oresenttensecontrasto lớn stateand dvnamicverc ciifferentnationalities. discussinsthe issueof surveillanc, rnh letter 4-10 . Selfcheck1 page11 . Studentsmaketheirlistsin pairs.Goaroundgivinghetp withvocabularyasnecessary.Thiscouldbedoneasa competitionkhổng lồ seewhichpairof studentscancomeupwith thelongestlistin twominutes.Askthewinningpair,and oneother,to lớn readouttheirlists. r Withastrcngerclasselicitmorewordskhổng lồ addtothemenu.(E.g. silksuede,denlặng,collar,v-neckroll-necksleeveless,hooded. Exercise3 page+ C) r.or o Focusonthelisteningtask.lf studentsareunsureofthe meaningof outfit,explainthatit meansa setof clothesthat youweartogether.Playtherecording,checktheanswer& seeif studentscanremembertheohrasesthathelpedthem identifythepholớn. KEY Photo2 andtwootheroutfits TRAISCRIPT 1.01 SpeakerOurfirstmodelhasaninformalbutstylishoutfit.He's wearinganattractiveplain,brownleatherlacketandomain authority tight,cottonT-shirt.lt'slong-sleeved,Ithink.I particularly likethosecasual,baggy,blackieans. Thenextmodeliswearinga shiny,grey,nyloniacketwith matchingtrousers.She'salsogota large,spottyscarf aroundherneck- atouchofhumourfromthedesigner,I feel- andomain authority spotty,long-sleeved,blouse.Andonherfeet, aresimplebutstylishblackteathershoes.Averyelegant outfit,in myopinion. Nowwehaveamoreunusualoutfit.She'swearingared, stripytopandalong,dark,woolcoat.Belowthat,ashort, stripyskirtandblack,leatherhigh-heeledshoes.lt'savery strangelook- I'mnotsureIlikeit,andIdoubtitwittcatchonl Exercise4page+O r.or r Studentsworkin pairsto lớn completethephrasesfromthe commentarythen