If you want lớn score high marks in the listening part of the PET exam, you will need lớn have two things; a good intermediate level of listening, and the techniques lớn answer the questions well in the time you are given.

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Here at Atlas, we have intermediate courses that help our students improve sầu their level of listening. We also teach the techniques you need lớn bởi vì well in this part of the PET exam.

In the PET listening exam, there are four parts for you to lớn answer questions on. You might hear monologues (one person speaking) or dialogues (two people having a conversation). The topics will generally be neutral or informal & they will be on a range of everyday topics.

Here are some of the best tips and techniques that we recommkết thúc to lớn our learners.

How lớn do Part 1

In this part, you will be given 7 short listening texts, và for each one you will have sầu a question with three pictures (A, B or C). You have sầu lớn listen lớn each recording & choose the right answer from the 3 choices.

Because the answers will always be visual, this might make it sound easy. However, you will have sầu lớn pay attention khổng lồ the details in each small picture. Here’s an example of such a question:


Question đôi mươi says that the festival was better than he thought it was going khổng lồ be. But in the text, Jaông xã said “It wasn’t as good as I thought”. So that means the answer for Question 20 is false. The statement in Question trăng tròn is not true.

For Question 21, it says “Helen bought her ticket in advance”. In advance means to bởi vì something before a certain time. In the text, the answer isn’t clear. However, Helen asks “Didn’t you book early? My ticket was much less.” This suggests that she did book her ticket earlier & got it at a cheaper price. So for question 21 the answer is true.

Take the PET Exam at Atlas

These tips and suggestions will hopefully put you on the right trachồng for preparing for the Cambridge PET Listening questions. Make sure to lớn also take advantage of our tips for the PET Speaking exam and PET Writing questions.

However, just knowing & practising the techniques will not be enough for the exam.

So make sure to listen khổng lồ English, whether it is films & songs in English, podcasts or even watching a football match on tele.

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If you haven’t started preparing & using the techniques in the above post, we’d love sầu khổng lồ help you get started.

Features of our exam preparation courses at Atlas are:

All Cambridge courses are developed and supervised by our Academic Management team who also run the Cambridge Exam Centre at our school. You can study & prepare for a Cambridge english exam at atlas, và take the exam with us in the school.Experienced Cambridge PET preparation teachers who know và understvà the exam.Focus on improving skills and exam technique.Full mochồng exams for all students who register for the exam.