Learn Filmmaking và Acting for Film In Paris edquebecor.com programs will not be offered in Paris in Summer 2022, but we look forward lớn returning to Paris in 2023.
Paris is an incredibly exciting place in which to live in and make films. It is the birthplace of the movies, và the thành phố that still loves movies the most. A century after the first experiments with motion pictures took place there, and almost 50 years since the French New Wave changed the way we look at movies, our students continue the tradition of capturing this city & the its stories. The edquebecor.com Paris program conducts its filmmaking and acting for film workshops at the National Film School of France (La Fémis), one of world’s most prestigious film institutes. La Fémis is located in the historic Pathé Studios in the 18th arrondissement (district). The edquebecor.com spring và summer programs at Le Fémis are held in spacious classrooms, meeting spaces, shooting studios, post production facilities & state of the art screening rooms. La Fémis is in Montmartre, an area of Paris that has attracted artists và actors for centuries. In walking distance is the glorious cathedral, Sacre Coeur, with spectacular views of Paris. Superior fruit markets, bakeries, and brasseries and restaurants abound in the neighborhood. The other great neighborhoods, museums, and attractions of Paris are easily accessible from Montmartre.


Students are able lớn take time lớn explore the historical sights, great boulevards and romantic neighborhoods of Paris. Our students enjoy exploring the galleries và shops of Place des Vosges in the Marais district, or taking the metro out lớn the Mésnil-Montant district; both neighborhoods are home to burgeoning communities of artists. Students can also stroll through the boutiques of the Left ngân hàng or go shopping at the world-famous flea markets. Khổng lồ relax, students can gather at Café Les Deux Magots where Hemingway, Cocteau, Sartre và Picasso had café au lait & croissants.Historic sites are scattered throughout the city’s arrondissements, from the Louvre và Notre Dame, khổng lồ Sainte Chapelle on the Ile de la Cité on the Seine. For the film lover, Paris has more cinemas than any city in the world. Screenings of an incredibly wide range of work are shown throughout the city, where classic silent films play alongside avant-garde and contemporary work.


The thủ đô new york Film Academy’s Paris program is xuất hiện enrollment; meaning anyone who is serious about filmmaking or acting should apply. Students bởi not need prior experience, but they must possess the desire to lớn completely immerse themselves in their program while in Paris. The edquebecor.com Paris filmmaking and acting programs center on film crews, and it is expected that students will be participate not only on their own projects but will also assist their fellow students in creating original films. Space in the program is limited và demand is high, so it is recommended that prospective students apply early to secure a space.


Students that meet the application requirements have the opportunity lớn receive U.S. Regionally accredited. Thành phố new york Film Academy is accredited by the WASC Senior College và University Commission (WSCUC) và all edquebecor.com Study Abroad locations and programs are regionally accredited by edquebecor.com’s WASC status. The regionally-accredited transcripts for students that successfully complete edquebecor.com Study Abroad programs are issued from edquebecor.com’s Los Angeles Campus Registrar. Get more information on studying abroad for transferable credit and see a full danh mục of eligible international locations & programs here. **Please note: The thủ đô new york Film Academy makes no representation that credits awarded by edquebecor.com will be accepted or applied toward the completion of any degree or certificate by any other postsecondary institution. The acceptance of transfer credits is always governed by the receiving school.


All courses are taught in English. However, interested students should take the opportunity to lớn work on their conversational French during the program. This will enrich their understanding & enjoyment of France.In all our locales, our faculty is comprised of experienced instructors and professional filmmakers who have Master of Fine Arts degrees from the most prestigious film programs in the United States. Every workshop is full-time, with classes or shooting organized nearly every day of the week. The schedules are rigorous; however, students will have the opportunity to lớn explore Paris.

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In our filmmaking workshops, each student writes, directs, shoots và his or her own short films and edits them digitally. By looking at the communities of Paris in dramatic và visual terms, students build their own understanding of one of the world’s most popular cities.Throughout their time in the workshop students will not only create their own quality film, but will work as crew members for their fellow classmate’s productions. The over result is a well-rounded filmmaking education that acquaints students with the many moving parts of a modern film set.At the conclusion of all filmmaking workshops, a screening of the students’ final films is held. This provides a quality opportunity for family, friends, and cast lớn see the work students have produced. Students retain a copy of their work lớn include in their portfolios.


The acting for film workshops provides students with a foundation of acting skills with a specific focus on acting for the camera. Classes emphasize the basic elements of the craft of acting using the techniques of Stanislavski, scene study, và monologue work as starting points. In conjunction with these classes, students participate in courses aimed specifically at training the actor on the technical aspects of acting on a film set. The participants audition for the filmmaking student film projects.In keeping with the thủ đô new york Film Academy’s philosophy of “learning by doing” acting students in the edquebecor.com Paris acting for film programs will have the opportunity to act in front of the camera in their filmmaking peers films. Offering an unparalleled chance khổng lồ gain real world experience & produce material for their acting reel.

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Students in the filmmaking workshops shoot with HD cameras and portable Lowel lighting packages for every project. All students edit using digital editing software.


For any edquebecor.com Paris inquiries, please contact paris