FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, February 11, 2020: The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is the world"s bestselling advanced-cấp độ dictionary for learners of English. Now in its 10th edition, the Oxford Advanced Learner"s Dictionary is the complete guide to lớn learning English vocabulary with definitions that learners can underst&, example sentences showing language in use, and the new Oxford 3000™ và Oxford 5000™ word lists providing core words that every learner needs to know. Filled with exciting new content & interactive features, the ứng dụng helps learners build vocabulary và develop more natural-sounding English, anytime, anywhere.

Learners can practise & improve their pronunciation, test themselves on vocabulary and usage with a new interactive quiz, get a Word of the Day straight to their device, và access the full A-Z offline khổng lồ look up any word in the dictionary. The dictionary contains over 86,000 words, 95,000 phrases, 112,000 meanings & 237,000 examples, including 2,000+ new words và meanings. Amongst the new words are chatbot, fake news, microplastic, và woke.

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Since 1948, over 100 million English language learners have sầu used the Oxford Advanced Learner"s Dictionary lớn develop their English skills for work and study. The original dictionary was produced by A.S. Hornby, an English teacher who discovered that although his students could understvà and appreciate English literature they found speaking và writing in English difficult. Hornby explained “I found my students were reading Thackeray & Shakespeare, và apparently with great understanding. But, to lớn my dismay they couldn’t speak English very well – they could read but they couldn’t speak.” His ayên ổn was lớn explain the words in his dictionary the way he would explain them in the classroom so that they were easy khổng lồ understvà, và this remains true today.

Managing Editor for the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at Oxford University Press, Jennifer Bradbery, says “The OALD phầm mềm is a great way for learners and teachers to have quichồng and easy access khổng lồ the dictionary at all times – you need never be lost for words again! We are delighted that our partnership with Paragon Software has enabled us to lớn create an tiện ích version of OALD và lớn suit the needs of today’s English language learners.”


The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 10th edition is available for iOS và Android.

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The app is free khổng lồ download & includes 100 sample entries. To gain access khổng lồ the full phầm mềm with all features, you can take a không tính phí trial, or subscribe to lớn the full nội dung via in-app purchase.