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Low Cost Movers: What We Offer

With a 3 hour minimum, our hourly moving rates start at $80 per hour for two men & one moving truchồng, $115 per hour for 3 men & one truck.

We are a:

Orange County Moving Company, Riverside Moving Company, San Diego Moving Company, Los Angeles Moving Company, San Bernardino Moving Company, Ventura Moving Company



Local moves are done at an hourly rate và include 2 khổng lồ 4 movers (more can be provided, based on need)



Affordable Movers: What to Expect

Less 4 Movers makes any move easier, safer và more affordable. Less 4 Movers is a licensed, bonded & insured company, providing Southern California with chất lượng services at fair prices for families và businesses. We supply the moving professionals, truck and all the essential tools và moving equipment lớn make your move sầu seamless. Our movers work quickly and carefully to relocate you inlớn your new trang chủ.

We can help you pachồng, help you unpaông chồng, bring our truchồng or you can rent your own và we will paông chồng it.

Cheap Movers: We Understand!

We have scores of highly satisfied customers who were extremely pleased with our impeccable packing and unpacking services.

Amazing, affordable and fast!!! 3 very professional guys came & moved everything way faster than expected. They even helped me move sầu my old couch khổng lồ the dumpster, which they didn’t have sầu lớn do! They were very efficient, polite & did not mess around. Planning the move sầu with Jorge was simple, easy & he delivered the service he promised. I would recommover to lớn anyone looking for movers. Thank you again Jorge and the guys!

These guys were great…they got lớn my storage locker early…they were fast & efficient…true professionals. I will definitely use them again & definitely refer them to lớn any one looking for a very good & inexpensive moving company. Thanx again guys.
This was my 3rd move! I have used Less 4 Movers all 3 times. They are very professional, on time, và very efficient! Not to lớn mention extremely reasonable price wise. They get you moved quickly with time to spare. The movers are always kind và respectful. I will use Less 4 Movers as long as they’re in business. I will also refer them khổng lồ anyone who is looking for movers. You won’t be disappointed! Promise.