Luffy has gone through a lot, & he has acquired multiple power-ups during this long journey. Here are all the versions of his Gear Four.

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Monkey D. Luffy has gone through a lot during One Piece"s nearly 25-year serialization. He has faced countless enemies, met lots of companions, và won myriad battles. Naturally, he has become stronger as the story has progressed, và he manifested his experience through his gear power-ups. Gear Two & Gear Three only have one or two varieties, Luffy"s Gear Four comes in various shapes & sizes. Here are all of his Gear Four versions.



Bounce-Man was the first Gear Four variation to be revealed. Luffy used it to defeat Doflamingo during their battle at Dressrosa. Activating Bounce-Man makes Luffy"s toàn thân proportion warp in a weird way. He becomes inflated, similar to lớn when he uses Gum-Gum Balloon. Luffy"s arms and feet tough in contrast become buff, though his feet are noticeably smaller compared khổng lồ the other parts of his body. They are also covered in color of Arms Haki along with his arms.

Luffy created this version lớn counter the gigantic animals residing in Ruskaina. Bounce-Man offers formidable defense as it can bounce back attacks khổng lồ a certain degree, while his màu sắc of Arms Haki lets him stop cutting attacks to lớn an extent. The balloon-like proportions allow him lớn "fly" by floating và repetitively kicking the air lớn move. Doing this enables Luffy to lớn move at an extremely fast speed, though it does come with a drawback. Luffy can"t maintain his balance due to lớn Bounce-Man"s odd proportions, resulting in the need to lớn keep bouncing on the ground.

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Unlike Bounce-Man, there is limited information available about Tankman. Luffy first used this during his fight against Charlotte Cracker, wherein he consumed a lavish amount of biscuits making him grow in size. However, what Luffy activated then wasn"t the base khung of Tankman but its Stuffed Version.

In this version, Luffy"s bloated torso becomes completely round with color of Arms Haki covering most of his bloated stomach. Luffy"s limbs, although also enlarged, seem small in comparison. Tankman: Stuffed Version boasts great durability, as shown when Cracker failed khổng lồ pierce through Luffy"s stomach, while also amplifying Bounce-Man"s compression-based attack using his humongous stomach as a boost.


Yet another Gear Four version Luffy pulled out against one of Big Mom"s Sweet Commanders is Snake-Man. In contrast khổng lồ the two previous forms, Luffy does not exaggeratedly expand when using Snake-Man, though his torso and limbs still bởi vì become bigger. Similar to Bounce-Man màu sắc of Arms Haki also only extends khổng lồ his forearms và legs. The more prominent change in this khung is Luffy"s knuckles. Instead of clenching his hand into a fist, he forms a Leopard Fist by flexing the first joint of his hand.

Snake-Man seems to lớn be an offense-focused form, allowing Luffy to lớn strike agile opponents. By using Python in this version, Luffy can alter his attack"s direction in unexpected ways. The longer Snake-Man"s attack lasts, the faster it becomes. Luffy optimized this ability by employing it in tandem with màu sắc of Observation Haki, giving it a homing element. Snake-Man, however, does not offer any boost in defense unlike the other Gear Four versions. While he doesn"t become weaker, he simply retains his defensive ability prior lớn transforming.

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Luffy"s Gear Four is his most varied gear by far, & he still hasn"t shown its full capacity. Tankman"s base form, for one, is yet lớn be revealed. It"s reasonable lớn assume that he has more Gear Four versions up his sleeve, given that One Piece has yet to reach its final chapter.

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