The Connecticut Coaching Education Program is offering these 3 hour CEU Online Modules khổng lồ help coaches meet the Connecticut State Department of Education Requirement. Each module is designed to lớn help coaches be better prepared lớn deal with today"s youth.

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1). Your web browser must have sầu Flash, Javascript và cookies enabled therefore they are not designed to be taken on an IPad or IPhone. Many browsers will have sầu these settings by default unless you turned them off. Also, the Adobe flash setting may interfere with your ability to log in và out multiple times which is why it is always best to lớn complete the course in one sitting. Although most Chrome users have not had a problem Adobe recently It is strongly recommended you print this page for future use updated "Flash" and to make sure you have sầu the most current version in chrome copy and paste this inkhổng lồ your Chrome window - chrome://components và check for updates khổng lồ Flash . Firefox is not currently having a problem và is the browser of choice. For more information about checking your flash setting clichồng here -http://www.edquebecor.com/resume.PNG . For people using Safari as your browser clichồng here for help .

2). If at any time the course seems khổng lồ stall or slow down please wait & allow time for it to lớn load. The software has lớn load in segments and depending upon your mạng internet provider the speed may vary.3). The course will take you approximately three hours lớn complete. If you start the course & your computer has the settings mentioned above sầu, but you do not finish, then you may login again on the same computer to lớn continue. If you login on a different computer you will not be offered that option và will have khổng lồ start from the beginning.

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It is strongly recommended you print this page for future use.3 HOUR MODULE Course OfferingsMODULE 4- LEGAL ASPECTS IN COACHINGMODULE 5 - CIAC RULES và REGULATIONSMODULE 6 - REVOCATION, HARASSMENT và HAZINGMODULE 15 - CONCUSSION và NECK INJURY MANAGEMENTMODULE 16 - APPROPRIATE USE OF ELECTRONIC(SOCIAL) MEDIAMODULE 17 - DEALING WITH PARENTS OF ATHLETESMODULE 18 - DEALING WITH THE COLLEGE BOUND ATHLETEMODULE 19 - IMPACT OF ETHICAL STANDARDS ON YOUTHMODULE trăng tròn - CITIZENSHIPhường. và SPORTSMANSHIP IN ATHELTIC PROGRAMSMODULE 21 - STRESS RELATED TO ATHLETIC PROGRAMSMODULE 22 - COMUNICATION, ORGANIZATION và PLANNINGMODULE 51 - FOOTBALL COACHES CONCUSSION REFRESHERDurationYou will have 90 days from the date you register to lớn complete each Module. An extension may be granted for extenuating circumstances.Cost The cost for these online modules is $50each however, for a limited time because of the covid19 shut down we have reduced the price to lớn $25each). You must register online using a credit thẻ. Questions và Further Information

Any questions about the course or the registration process should be directed khổng lồ the Coaching Education Program (203)651-3924. Any need for technical tư vấn during the online course should be directed lớn the website help tin nhắn contact you will be provided once you register. At the conclusion of each course you will be given a liên kết that will allow you lớn complete the course, enter your information into our data base and print your own certificate. The Certificate issued by the Connecticut Coaching Education Program is only official if printed in color.

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