These modules are provided by the Minnesota Department of, WIC Program in collaboration with the University of Minnesota, School of Public The modules provide information on current nutrition recommendations and practice. The purpose of the modules is to offer WIC CPAs opportunities to enhance nutrition knowledge.

Basic Nutrition Modules

Module Objectives (PDF)

Nutrition Basics Module (HTML5/30 minutes)Basic Nutrition Script (PDF)

Micronutrients & Water Module (HTML5/35 minutes)Micronutrients & Water Script (PDF)

Energy Balance & Metabolism Module (HTML5/13 minutes)Energy Balance và Metabolism Script (PDF)

Nutrition Related Diseases Module (HTML5/18 minutes)Nutrition Related Diseases Script (PDF)

Putting it inkhổng lồ Practice Module (HTML5/13 minutes)Putting it into lớn Practice Script (PDF)

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Maternal/Child/Infant Nutrition Modules

Module Objectives (PDF)

Nutrition & Weight Gain During Pregnancy Module (HTML5/31 minutes)Nutrition and Weight Gain During Pregnancy Script (PDF)

Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy & Gestational Diabetes Module (HTML5/22 minutes)Hypertensive sầu Disorders of Pregnancy & Gestational Diabetes Script (PDF)

Infant Feeding Module (HTML5/59 minutes)Infant Feeding Script (PDF)

Introduction khổng lồ Formula Module (HTML5/22 minutes)Introduction to Formula Script (PDF)

Standard Infant Formula Module (HTML5)/25 minutesStandard Infant Formula Script (PDF)

Medical Formula Module (HTML5/23 minutes)Medical Formula Script (PDF)

Introduction to Solid Foods Module (HTML5/32 minutes)Introduction khổng lồ Solid Foods Script (PDF)

Iron Deficiency Anemia in Women and Children Module (HTML5/đôi mươi minutes)Iron Deficiency Anemia in Women và Children Script (PDF)

Pediatric Overweight & Obesity Module (HTML5/24 minutes)Pediatric Overweight & Obesity Script (PDF)

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