On the mạng internet you can find sites containing supplementary learning materials to help you prepare for, or to lớn Review, lessons from certain textbooks.Obviously, not all Japanese textbooks are catered for, but the sites that there are can be very useful, not only for lesson preparation & Review, but also lớn help you practise your quiz-technique.

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Let"s look at some study websites designed khổng lồ run alongside the "Minmãng cầu no Nihongo" series of textbooks.



"MINNA NO NIHONGO" Writer / Publisher: 3A Corporation

J-LEARNING.COM Learn Japanese On Line ( Introduction article )

You can practise various skills covered in Lessons 1 to 50, such as grammar, kanji, reading or listening.You can also view slides giving grammar explanations.


With sentences on the site - or sentences you choose yourself - you can attach ruby furigamãng cầu to kanji, or replace kanji & hiragana to lớn match those you learn in lessons from "Minmãng cầu no Nihongo".You can choose between Japanese, French and English for the display language.


Online Japanese Tests (Introduction article)

Here you can kiểm tra the grammar from Lesson 1 to 50 of the series, in a test-style format.Elementary 1-4 is made up of Minna no Nihongo"s Beginner-màn chơi book 1, & the Pre-Intermediate 1-4 section has contents from Minmãng cầu no Nihongo"s Beginner-cấp độ book 2.Yo can type in your answers using hiragana or romaji.If you make a mistake with any items, you are taken lớn an explanation page, where you can đánh giá the grammar points.


Associative Kanji Learning (Introduction article)

Choose a lesson and you can play a game khổng lồ check the meanings & readings of the kanji you have learned.

Choose the textbook, the lesson & the language in which you want lớn see the meanings displayed.Here, we"ll choose "Minmãng cầu no Nihongo", "Lesson 3" & "English".

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Clichồng on the button marked "Quizzes" and you"ll start the game.Choose the matching meaning và reading for the kanji displayed on the left of the screen, then use the mouse to lớn clichồng on, & drag it next lớn it.If you make the screen-width shorter before you start the game, the distance you have khổng lồ drag the meaning over to the kanji will be shortened. Convenient, huh?

When you finish, cliông chồng on "Cheông xã Kanji Answers".You"ll be shown your score, và you"ll have sầu the chance lớn re-bởi any of the questions with which you made a mistake.