Dưới đó là những cách vấn đáp thỏng hỏi hàng bằng giờ Anhsiêng ngành xuất nhập khẩu nhưng mà tôi ao ước gửi mang lại các bạn. Giúp các bạn trong công việc trả lời gmail so với quý khách là người quốc tế hoặc những doanh nghiệp lớn lớn.Hi vọng bài viết này để giúp đỡ được chúng ta trong quá trình. Mời chúng ta tìm hiểu thêm.

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1. Cách trả lời Tlỗi hỏi hàng (How to Reply lớn Enquiries)

Content of replies:

Acknowledging receipt of an enquiry/request (xác thực lại thỏng hỏi hàng)

- Thank you for your letter of … regarding / concerning / in connection with …

- I refer khổng lồ your enquiry about / relating lớn …

- I have sầu received your letter of … requesting information about …

Explaining action taken as a consequence of the enquiry

- I have (reviewed our available stock) …

- We held a meeting on 21 January to lớn discuss possible solutions.

- I have checked/looked into/investigated (the possible approaches) …

Making suggestions/ justifying recommendations/ pointing out pros và cons/ hedging

- The best choice would be … since …

- I highly recommkết thúc … as / due to the fact that …

- … would probably be more suitable because …

- … seems khổng lồ suit you better although …

- Perhaps you should choose … even though …

- I suggest that you (should) choose …

- I recommkết thúc this thành quả since …

- In view of the fact that …, I would strongly recommover … as …

Apologising & rejecting proposals (Từ chối về đối kháng hỏi hàng)

- While I appreciate your firm’s need for this information, I regret that …

- It will not be possible to … for legal reasons. We are bound khổng lồ …

- Your proposal is of interest khổng lồ us, and we have sầu had consultations about it.

- However, we feel that it will not be in our interests to lớn … for reasons of (privacy).

- We are concerned that …

Stipulating action requested or khổng lồ be taken

- We shall arrange for … by …at the lademo.

- I shall see lớn it that …

- Our company will arrange for …


Establishing goodwill & suggesting contact

- I hope this suggestion/information will be useful khổng lồ you.

- I hope this information will prove useful lớn you.

- I hope that this information will help you to lớn make decisions on your order.

- I look forward to lớn hearing from you.

- I look forward khổng lồ receiving your confirmation of …

- I look forward khổng lồ doing business with your company in the future …

- Please feel miễn phí to lớn liên hệ me again if you have sầu any further queries on …

- Do contact me on 27615432 if you need further information.

- Please vì chưng not hesitate khổng lồ tương tác me on 27615432 if I can be of further assistance.

2. Mẫu thư vấn đáp Tlỗi hỏi sản phẩm trong giờ anh xuất nhập khẩu

Example letters 1:


14th Floor Shun Koo Building

Aberdeen Hong Kong

14 Jun 2016

Attn: Mr Tyên Lee


Sun Lee Consultancy Ltd

198 Fa Yuen Street



Dear Mr Lee

Enquiry regarding fire extinguishers

Thank you for your enquiry regarding our newly released range of fire extinguishers.

You will see from the enclosed catalogue that the range has been extended lớn include some highly efficient portable extinguishers for use on construction sites.

We are offering to our existing customers a 15% discount on orders of extinguishers from this new range.

We look forward khổng lồ your increased order at this discount rate.

Yours sincerely

Silvia Choi

Silvia Choi

Merchandising Manager

Enc. 1


Example letters 2:

Everlong Batteries

171, Choi Hung Road

Hung Hom, Hong Kong

Tel/Fax 2235 2449

14 Jun 2016

Mr J Wong

Purchasing Officer

Fortune Goods

317 Orchard Road


Dear Mr Wong

Enquiry about Batteries

Thank you for your letter of Friday, 10 June năm nhâm thìn regarding making copies of the sample battery you sent us.

I have sầu investigated the situation and found that your specifications are exactly the same as the thiết kế of a proprietary camera battery manufactured by a large Japanese electronics company.

We feel that it would not be in our interests lớn supply this type of battery.

However, I would like to thank you for considering our company as your supplier.

I look forward to doing business with your company in the future

Yours sincerely

David Choi

David Choi

Distributions Manager


Example letters 3:

Gloria Business Consultants

6 Floor, 67 Booth Road

Causeway Bay

Hong Kong

14 Jun 2016

Taifoon Trading Company

135 Tong Chong Road


Hong Kong

Dear Sir

Creating a New Image

Thank you for your letter of Friday, 10 June 2016 concerning the creation of a new image for the Yunan route.

We would like to congratulate your company on the inauguration of this new route. We are very much interested in helping khổng lồ create a new image for it.

We would be pleased to lớn quote prices và schedules if you could provide us with more detailed information.

May we suggest that we sover two representatives, Mr. David Poon và Miss Cindy Tam to lớn your office on Friday, 17 June năm 2016 at 10:00 a.m. for further discussions. Please bởi not hesitate khổng lồ contact me if the date & time is not convenient for you. My telephone number is 2346-8999.

Yours faithfully

S. Kong

Sitháng Kong

Managing Director


Example letters 4:


To: Mr Victor Wong

From: Ms Elizabeth Sullivan

Date: Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Re: Reservation

Dear Mr Wong,

Thank you for your enquiry about the availability of a single room for six nights from Monday, 18 July năm nhâm thìn to lớn Monday, 25 July năm nhâm thìn. Unfortunately, we are fully booked during this period. However, I have contacted our sister khách sạn on Hong Kong Islvà and they have single rooms available. The room rate is $1,200 per night.

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If you would like me lớn reserve a room during the period you requested, please do not hesitate to tương tác me.