You’re on your way khổng lồ getting your first Cambridge English certification. You’ve sầu learned a lot of vocabulary & grammar, but now you think you’ve hit an impossible obstacle: the KET listening kiểm tra. You ask yourself, ‘Why vị I have sầu trouble understanding English?’

The truth is that native sầu speakers speak quickly, use contractions, join words, và use idioms và local expressions, aước ao many other reasons that make it difficult khổng lồ understand the language. Improving your KET listening skills will be a task that requires time và dedication, but if you have the right methodology & tools, you’ll definitely move sầu closer khổng lồ the goal of getting your Cambridge certificate.

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In ABA English, the digital English academy, we offer you a unique & fun method with which you’ll manage to lớn perfect not only your listening comprehension but all the linguistic skills needed khổng lồ dominate the English language like a genuine English speaker.

The Cambridge KET evaluates your ability khổng lồ understand simple sentences, corresponding lớn the A2 cấp độ of the CEFR.

It’s composed of 5 parts, where you’ll listen lớn different audgame ios (2 times each). 


KET Listening Part 1: Listen to lớn 5 dialogues with their respective questions. Answer by choosing a picture (from 3 options). KET Listening Part 2: Answer multiple-choice questions based on a monologue.KET Listening Part 3: Listen to lớn a dialogue and answer 5 questions (with 3 options each).KET Listening Part 4: Listen khổng lồ 5 audquả táo. Extract the main idea or theme for each one.KET Listening Part 5: Listen khổng lồ 5 dialogues and match the answers.

Use tools like podcasts, videos, movies, songs, news channels in English, & so on. This will help you familiarize yourself with the sounds of the English language and learn new words.

2. Practice with friends or participate in conversation clubs

Interacting with others is an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá way to lớn perfect your listening skills & improve sầu your speaking.

3. Use online readers

Known as text readers, these tools allow you lớn listen to lớn texts in different voices. You can select the voice of a British woman or an Australian man, for example.

On the mạng internet, you’ll find many listening exercises, which will help you get KET listening practice và will also help you determine your weak points.

Learn words by category (sports, animals, food, etc.). Use flashcards or picture dictionaries to lớn memorize words in an associative sầu manner.

6. Use online translators

Most translators have sầu an audio option so that you can hear the correct pronunciation of the words.

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7. Learn how lớn pronounce letters and numbers well

Some of the dialogues included in the thử nghiệm may contain telephone numbers, addresses, or people’s names. Look for online exercises to perfect this skill.