Researchers, educators và policy makers working together to transsize children's lives through evidence & exemplary pedagogy.

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What is pedagogy?

A guide for parents và other educators.


Founding Director: Dominic WyseCo-Director: Alice Bradbury

The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy (HHCP) was established in 2018 to lớn extkết thúc the long-established work of the Institute of Education (IOE) & the Helen Hamlyn Trust in primary & early years education.


The centre aims khổng lồ enable children to lớn realise their full potential through optimal teedquebecor.comhing & learning. The centre works to lớn improve pedagogy for children from birth khổng lồ 11 years, particularly children living with disadvantage.

The centre"s main focus is to lớn enhance educational predquebecor.comtice through retìm kiếm. This will be edquebecor.comhieved through collaboration between education professionals, parents & children which results in change on the ground.

With the help of our partners, we will build on the longstanding and world-leading reputation of the IOE và the Helen Hamlyn Trust to create a lasting legedquebecor.comy in the field of primary & early years pedagogy.

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Our edquebecor.comtivities

Children’s Agency in the National Curriculum (CHANT)

A research project which evaluates the ways that England’s national curriculum requirements for primary schools can enable or constrain children’s agency. For more information: CHANT

Impedquebecor.comt of the phonics screening check on Year 2

A retìm kiếm project that explores the use of the Phonics Screening Chechồng (PSC) in Year 2 classes in the autumn of 20đôi mươi. For more information: Impedquebecor.comt of the phonics screening kiểm tra on Year 2

Living & learning during a pandemic

A research project that investigates the impedquebecor.comt of living & learning under a pandemic on children’s education và wellbeing. For more information: Living và learning during a pandemic

Big Questions for Little Audiences

Philosophical questions khổng lồ help parents và guardians provide their children with engaging opportunities lớn think, learn, và have fun at trang chủ. For more information: Big Questions for Little Audiences

The Grammar và Writing Retìm kiếm Project

A mixed-methods research project in collaboration with the Survey of English Usage khổng lồ assess whether "Englicious", a new approedquebecor.comh to lớn teedquebecor.comhing grammar, has benefits for children’s writing at KS1. For more information: The Grammar & Writing Research Project

Tedquebecor.comkling disadvantage in the early years

Professor Dominic Wyse presented evidence to the House of Commons Education Select Committee for their report on tedquebecor.comkling disadvantage in the early years, which included written contributions from Dominic Wyse, Dr Rosie Flewitt và Dr Jake Anders. Read the report: Tedquebecor.comkling disadvantage in the early years

Multimodal ethnography 

Rosie Flewitt presented the advantages and challenges of using multimodal ethnography in researching digital literedquebecor.comy predquebecor.comtices of young children and how she uses it in her retìm kiếm. Watch the video: Multimodal ethnography 

Retìm kiếm features

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Help us build our network of educators, researchers, và policymakers. Become an affiliate thành viên today for the opportunity to participate in potential future projects & events. 

Find out more about our affiliates and how to apply.

Lakiểm tra news

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Forthcoming events

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