Here you will find easy grammar worksheets with short questions covering basic grammar rules, basic vocabulary, short readings for beginners. Mostly easy tests are good resources lớn practice for Cambridge"s KET (Key English Test) and PET (Preliminary English Test) exams.Also See:Beginners ESL lessonsEnglish for kidsAdvanced Grammar ExercisesDrag & Drop Exercises

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Mixed ESL / EFL Level 1 lớn Pre-Intermediate

Starter / Elementary English
1 - Beginners English Test - Elementary ESL Vocabulary2 - Easy ESL Questions3 - Starter English Test4 - Beginners English Quiz 5 - Beginners English TestBeginners+ ESL - EFL Basic Grammar Rules 1 - ESL Worksheet 2- ESL Beginners Exercise 3 - ESL Exercise For Beginners 4 - ESL Beginners Worksheet 5 - ESL Beginners Quiz 6 - Basic Grammar Rules 7 - Basic Grammar Quiz 8 - EFL Beginners Exercise 9 - EFL For BeginnersMixed Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate English 1 - Grammar For ESL 2 - Beginning ESL Quiz 3 - Beginning ESL Test 4 - ESL Beginners Grammar5 - Grammar Worksheet 8 - Mixed Grammar6 - Grammar Worksheet 9 - Mixed Grammar7 - Beginners English Worksheet8 - Beginners Grammar PracticeAdditional Practice Worksheets For Beginners1 - Free Grammar Practice2 - Elementary ESL Quiz3 - Elementary ESL Worksheet4 - Easy ESL Test5 - Beginners Worksheet

Beginners ESL / EFL Exercises By Subject

1 - Adjective sầu or Adverb Exercise2 - Nouns & Prepositions Exercise3 - Possessive sầu Pronouns Exercise4 - ESL Simple Prepositions + Tenses5 - Simple Past Tense + Vocabulary Exercise6 - Verb Tenses - Simple Present or Present Continuous

Beginners Exercises with Short Readings

Reading Fill in the Blanks Exercises:
Reading Passages CompletionBeginners Reading Comprehension Exercises:Beginners Reading Comprehension TestMore advanced reading comprehension practice
Print exercises and lessons:Hint: For exercises, you can reveal the answers first ("Submit Worksheet") and print the page to have sầu the exercise và the answers.


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