Khám Phá Video Phổ Biến Của Gin Hotarubi No Mori E, Bạn Có Biết Không? ?

Hotarubi no Mori e is a 2007 Japanese animated film. The film was basic on the manga work illustrated and written by by Yuki Midorikawa, the author of Natsume”s Book of Friends. Hotarubi no Mori e is directed by Takahiro Omori and produced by Brain”s Base. The film first released at 17 Sep, 2011.

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A girl who usually goes to her grandfather”s house at countryside to spend the whole summer vacation. When she was at the age of 6, she lost in the forest which her grandfather warned there may be have ghosts and goblin exist. When she was helpless and lost in the forest, she met Gin. Later on she realized his was not human but still became friends with him. Since that, every summer she would came back to meet Gin. Till she grown up, she gradually found she had fell in love with Gin.

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A boy looks like age 17 years old but practically is a spirit not a human. When he was a infant, he was abandoned in the forest. With the help and care by other goblins, he survived but not as a human being. He human body no longer existed and already disappeared but his soul was preserved by mountain”s god “s magic. He became a spirit in the world. If he touches or be touched by human, the magic would immediately invalid and he would also disappear.He met Hotaru in the forest. Since that he would often played with her and waited for her coming every year.Hotaru let him have the ability to interact with human, also know how to love and embrace other people.

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When summer comes, Hotaru always go to her grandfather”s house at the countryside to spent the whole summer vacation. When she was at the age of 6 years old, she went the forest that her grandfather mentioned there exist spirits and goblins. She was curious and took a adventure in that forest. Yet, she lost the direction and couldn”t find exit.Suddenly, a boy who wear a mask, look a 17 years high school student appeared in front of her. He told her she shouldn”t be here and led her to exit.


Hotaru was so happy that she finally met someone in the forest and wanted to embraced the boy. Yet, the boy moved back quickly to avoid her toughing. He told Hotaru that he was not a human, he is a spirit. If he touches or be touched by human, he would soon disappear.Then, he led Hotaru to find her way back home. Before they departure, Hotaru asked about his name, he said, his name was Gin.Since that time, Hotaru and Gin became friend, she came to the forest to played with Gin every day. They spent a happy summer time together.Yet, before Hotaru went back to her home at city, she promised she would came back every summer and meet Gin.When Hotaru graduated from the elementary school and became a junior high student, she still came back to meet Gin every summer.She gradually grown up and gained height. Yet, she found out that Gin seems didn”t get old. He was still looked like the first time they met when she was 6 years old.Three years later, Hotaru became high school student. She still came back at summer to see Gin, but she also found that Gin was not just a friend, she had fell in love with him. When she need to go back home, she would felt painful.In winter, Hotaru couldn”t stopped missing Gin. And Gin also waited for her coming day by day.Summer came again, Hotaru went back to meet Gin. This time she told him that she would find job at there after she graduated from high school, so that they don”t have to departure anymore. Then Gin told her about his past that he original was a human once. When he was a infant, he was abandoned in the forest. With the help and care by other goblins, he survived. Yet, he human body no longer existed and already disappeared, but his soul was preserved by mountain”s god “s magic. So, he became a spirit in the world.That day, Gin invited Hotaru to join golin”s summer festival as a date. They spent a happy night.On their way home, Gin confessed his feeling for Hotaru that he loved her so much that he could hardly bear the pain of missing her. Yet, suddenly a child ran passed by them and was going to fall on the ground. Gin reached him hand to catch the child, but no for too much time, he started to disappeared. That child was human”s kid.With tears, Gin and Hotaru finally can embraced each other and touched each other fore the first time and also the last time. Spoke out the last word, Gin disappeared in Hotaru”s arms.I think Yuki Midorikawa is really good at describe pure love between couples. Hotarubi no Mori e only has 45 minutes which is not a very long movie. But Midorikawa told the story very fluent and clear. The movie used flashback method to tell people how Hotaru and Gin met, later developed their relationship step by step. Although the movie was not long but the structure is very strong and complete.The scenes of Hotarubi no Mori e are also very delicate. The most touching part to me is Gin and Hotaru”s love, because the love between spirit and human which would never fulfill. That is the most saddest part. If we can”t embrace or touch the one we love is very painful. Owing to that, audience would feel more sad and strong reflection after watching this film. I think this animated movie is really good and worth to watch 🙂

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