1. Complete the sentences with: next to lớn, between, in front of, opposite - Hoàn thành những câu sau với: next khổng lồ, between, in front of, opposite (5 points)


a) The toystore is — the bookstore và the drugstore.

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b) The movie theater is — the toystore.

c) The movie theater is — the restaurant & the photocopy store.

d) The bookstore is — the toystore.

e) The children are — the movie theater.


Đáp án:

a) between

b) opposite

c) between

d) next to 

e) in front of


2. Answer - Trả lời (5 points)

a) Where do you live?

b) Is there a yard in front of your house?

c) What is behind your house?

d) How bởi vì you go lớn school?

e) Do you go to lớn school by motorbike?


Example answer:

a) I live in Ha Noi

b) Yes, there is

c) It is a tree

d) I go khổng lồ school by bike

e) No, I don"t


3. Complete - Hoàn thành (5 points)

Next khổng lồ our house, there ...(a)... a river và a lake. There ...(b)... lots of flowers in our yard. There ...(c)... a rice paddy near our house. There ...(d)... a khách sạn và a park near the lake. There ...(e)... tall trees in ...(f)... park.


Đáp án:

a) is 

b) are

c) is

d) is

e) are

f) the


4. Complete the dialogue - Hoàn thành đoạn đối thoại sau (5 points)

Lan: ...(a)... does Minh live?

Huong: He ...(b)... in the city.

Lan: ...(c)... people are there in his family?

Huong: There are four people in his family.

Lan: ...(d)... does his father do?

Huong: He ...(e)... in a factory.

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Đáp án:

a) Where

b) lives

c) How many

d) What

e) works


5. Answer - Trả lời (5 points)



Đáp án:

a) He goes to school by bike

b) She walks lớn school

c) They go by bus

d) They go by bike

e) I go by bus


6. Complete - Hoàn thành (5 points)

Lan is a student. She ...(a)... up at six o’clock. She ...(b)... a shower và gets dressed. She ...(c)... her breakfast & then she ...(d)... to lớn school. Her classes ...(e)... at seven o’clock.