IELTS® Vocabulary FlashcardsHow vày you determine the best English vocabularies for the IELTS test?Which words are the most important và the most effective for the IELTS exam? The answer is here. Cambridge tests are the best references và books to lớn prepare for the IELTS kiểm tra. Our experts extracted all important words in these books by their repetition and categorized them. IELTS Vocabulary Flashcards ứng dụng is the ikhuyến mãi solution for learning words efficiently by showing them just before you would forget. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) became the world’s most popular English-language chạy thử for study, work and migration purposes. IELTS Vocabulary Flashcards is the ứng dụng that covers the most important words used for the real IELTS exam & help you to achieve your goals. ★

Key features:

Based on Spaced Repetition learning algorithmVocabulary - The words are categorized based on their repetitionEnglish definition for each và every wordSynonyms, Phonetic & PronunciationsNoteNight ModeStatistical information of each word (number of repetitions,...)Bookmark wordsTraông xã your progressChange pronunciation speedReminderUser FriendlyWorks OfflineOptimized for di động & Tablets???? VOCABULARYThe words smartly extracted by their repetition và importance in 52 tests from Cambridge tests. The Cambridge tests are a set of full-length practice IELTS tests (13 books are covered và each book contains 4 full length chạy thử - we will add 14th book as soon as possible). Definitions, Synonyms, Phonetic và Pronunciations are presented.• Statistical information of each word is provided, you can easily check the repetition number of each word and in which chạy thử they used.• Set a reminder to lớn study new vocabularies in a specific time và increasing your productivity.• Bookmark favorite words khổng lồ access them easily.• Easily change the pronunciation tốc độ of the words.???? SMART CATEGORIESThe extracted words are categorized inlớn 4 categories by their repetition. So based on the repetition and the importance you can study each category. Besides, you can traông chồng your progress in each category.???? SPACED REPETITION ALGORITHMSpaced repetition is a learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent Review of previously learned material in order khổng lồ exploit the psychological spacing effect. It is, therefore, well suited khổng lồ the problem of vocabulary acquisition in the course of second language learning.???? LEARN FASTER & SMARTERWords và definitions you’re learning will reappear on flashcards to help you learn them faster, appearing less & less frequently as you know them better. Our IELTS Vocabulary Flashcards contain the most important English words you should learn for the IELTS demo, making sure you don’t waste your time learning unimportant vocabulary.The learning technique, applied in the application, allows you to lớn quickly learn new English words, which are often used in the IELTS tests.

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It will give huge tư vấn for all of IELTS Listening exercises, IELTS Reading practice, IELTS Writing & IELTS Speaking modules.???? NIGHT MODEThere are many benefits of using Night Mode: • Improved Readability of Text • Better Contrast • Reduced Eye Fatigue • Less Flicker (if existing issues) • Less Blue Light • Less Prone khổng lồ Triggering Photophobia • Can Save Small Amounts of ElectricOur team wishes you success in the preparation và taking IELTS exam!Trademark Disclaimer: "IELTS is a registered trademark of University of Cambridge ESOL, the British Council, & IDPhường Education Australia. This app is not affiliated, approved or endorsed by the University of Cambridge ESOL, the British Council, & IDPhường Education Australia."