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Food words Telling the t ime Alphabetica l order Starter like + verb +ing can for permission I requests Countable & uncountable nouns ~~ be going to lớn + verb Comparative sầu and superlative adjectives page 4 a I an I some Phonics Skills Present simple and present continuous Long a and e sounds: Reading: a magazine article They usually wear xanh unifarms. a: train, tray, cake Listening: identifying details about family meals They're wearing Trắng today. e: tree, leaves, key Speaking: talking about eating habits Time markers: present simple và continuous Writing: recognizing syllables in words, writing about always / usually / sometimes / rarely / never / now / my eating habits (Workbook) today / right now / at the moment Long ;, 0 and u sounds: R: a poem ;: light, cry, bike L: identifying different musical activities Past simple: regular verbs 0: boat, blow, bone S: asking and answering questions about musical The audience clapped và cheered. u: room, xanh, flute preferences và abilities Time markers: past simple W: the double consonant rule, writing a mô tả tìm kiếm of last week / yesterday / last night / two weeks ago a picture (WB) Past simple: irregular verbs with negatives f và ph spellings: R: a non-fiction text We didn't go to school. f: flamingo, scarf, feet L: identifying favourite things on a school trip Past simple: irregular verbs with questions ph: phone, nephew, S: asking and answering questions about school trips Did they go to lớn a museum? alphabet W: exclamation marks, writing a webpage about my What did you see? school tri p (WB) Sports time Possessive sầu pronouns 11 endings: R: a magazine article Whose jacket is it? smell, bell, shell L: identifying children's favourite sports Words in context: It's mine / yours / his / hers / ours / theirs. rrwords: S: asking và answering questions about favourite tennis Adverbs: +/y & irregular mirror, carrot, cherry sports He ran slowly. They played well. W: It's or Its, writing instructions for a sport (WB) Directions have sầu to lớn I had lớn ông chồng & c endings: R: an informative webpage We have sầu to go baông xã khổng lồ the roundabout. ck: neck, duchồng, clochồng, rochồng L: understanding directions Words in context: Giving directions c: plastic, picnic, music, S: giving directions Shadow puppet Go straight on at the roundabout. comic W: instructions, writing an invitation (WB) theatre why I because Why are we at this petrol station? Because Describing words Comparatives and superlatives: long adjectives Soft c và 9 sounds: R: a fable My bed is more com fortable than this one. c: đô thị, ice, dance, rice L: identifying chronology in a fable Words in :ontext: Irregular comparatives & superlatives g: cage, page, giraffe, S: telling a story from pictures The Ant và the better than / worse than / the best / the worst stage W: identifying irregular plurals, writing a fable (WB) Grasshopper au, aw and or spellings: R: interviews in a magazine People will travel in super-fast planes. au: sauce, August, L: identifying children's predictions Will they go baông xã lớn Australia? autumn S: offering opinians about the future Time markers: the future aw: jigsaw, straw, paw W: compound words, expanding notes into a text in a month's time / in two weeks' time / next week / or: horse, sport, morning (WB) on Monday / this evening / tomorrow / soon / later

Words Grammar Expressing quantity Past simple -ed R: a letter How much money have you got? endings: L: identifying details about holidays I haven't got much money. walked, waited, showed S: asking & answering questions about your holiday some/any W: addressing envelopes, writing a letter about my Have you got any newspapers? holiday (WB) er và or endings: er: mother, father, September or: visitor, doctor, actor le & 01 endings: R: an information leaflet You should drink some water. le: candle, castle, table, L: identifying details about children's healthy lifestyles You shouldn't eat lots of cakes. people S: describing what you bởi vì khổng lồ be healthy could / couldn't 01: sandal, animal, W: connecting sentences using because and 50, biên tập Max couldn't eat his dinner. hospital, cereal an information leaflet (WB) But he could eat lots of cakes. đánh giá 4 page 100 R: a poem L: identifying favourite memories subtraction, question, S: talking about your memories invitation W: poem structure and rhyme, completing a poem (WB) shion: fashion, cushion Past simple & past continuous Vocabulary R: a traditional story When I was working, the phone rang. homophones: L: identifying children's wishes Grammar homophones: there / they're / their see / sea, hear / here, S: talking about your wishes There is some gaod news. wear / where, write/ right W: using speech morks, writing the kết thúc of a story (WB)

1 Listen và sing. ~ 01 We're all bachồng together We're all baông chồng together with friends from before. It'S time khổng lồ show what we can vày. We're ready lớn work & learn some more. The holidays are over for me & you! 2 Listen và read. ~ 02 Teacher I've got a younger sister. Her name's Max Holly ana she's in primary 2. She likes listening khổng lồ music ana Teacher playing with her toys. Amy 4 Starter Baông chồng together!

( Lesson Two Grammar 1 '50>"':?"r- Ask and answer about Max, Amy, Holly and Leo. skateboard read play with toys take photos ~ what does Max like doing?) ( He likes reading.> Write. ( can can't J Oli 1 Can I play some games on the Dad But you 3 listen to lớn your new computer, please? MP3 player. Or you 4 watch this :)ad Sorry. No, you 2 • I'm working DVD. on the computer. Oli I'd like to watch the DVD. 5 I watch it in here? Dad No, you 6_~ __ . I'm working here. You 7 ____ _ watch it on the DVD player in the living room. Oli OK, Dad. liP§,I.j Choose four foods you would like lớn buy. Ask & answer. , pasta bread onions meat cheese eggs melon ucumber cereal lemon milk potato lớn grapes bananas ~ what would you like?) ( I'd like a / some .. . , please.> IIIIIIIIiI .v write about what your friend would like. _:: .lQ would like ... What does Max like doing? Starter 5

Lesson Three ~--------------------------------------~ read a comic watch TV visit grandkinh dị 1 '~I§:"'k' Ask and answer. play the guitar play volleyball play chess ~ What is he going to vị this weekend?) ~ What are they going to lớn dO?) ( He's going to lớn ... > ( TheY're going khổng lồ ... > 2 Write about what you are going lớn vày this weekkết thúc. This weekend, I'm going khổng lồ ... 3 Complete the words. ( .m-p- nt Id It nd J ~----------------------~ cv There is a la mp next to lớn Next to lớn the green fie __ s is There is a big pla __ growing my te __ ! a beach with white sa in the po __ . I've sầu got a new be __ .

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Look at this beautiful qui_ . "Tickets for six bỏ ra ren and two adu_ s, please:' 6 Starter What is he going to do?

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