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In this version, we have focused on trying to clean up some complexities in the user experience & emulator internals. Pretty unglamorous stuff, but some games are newly compatible.

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Crazy says:
Mads0608 says:

I have sầu a question…Yesterday i downloaded this new version of và i started playing right away but, when i try it again this morning my controls started lớn fail.I tried every single button but it didn’t work.Is there a problem with the new release or is my computer???

Emilio says:

Why the can´t open it said “” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

Lan21 says:

what games are newly compatible?


DanielBR: false.Emilio: google “unidentified developer” osxLan21: I invite someone else to bởi vì the footwork lớn figure out what’s been fixed by testing games, checking the bug tracker, và the Sđất nước hình chữ S logs. Or maybe you could bởi vì it yourself for games you’re interested in.

Infothirst: what’s magic about 1.0? Who cares what version number it’s called? The red text in this post answers your question.Yutaka: because the languages were out of date and nobody was maintaining them, và it didnt change all the text anyway.Hardley: in which OS?Garneac: swap files; also, perhaps you arent armed with the correct answer, after all. perhaps describe what you think the right answer is. Maybe you should turn off your ad blockers which might interfere with the sliding?

Hey guys, first I’d like to say thank you for this amazing emulator, you’re doing a very good job!

But I’m having a problem with the “GBA cartidge” slot2 function.When I select the rom and cliông chồng “OK”, the emu keeps crashing.It used to work on 0.9.7 version.

I tried searching at the forums, but haven’t found any solution…I’m using the 0.9.10 x86 version, on Win7 x86.

Wait, wait— what?

We can play GBA games with :O

Also, where can I find link to lớn earlier versions of the emulator?

Which port are you talking about? I’m absolutely sure that the Windows & Mac ports have sầu full screen options. Pretty sure the GTK Linux port has it too.

Some people expect it khổng lồ happen when they press F11 or something like that, unaware that alt+enter is the more ancient and powerful technique

i can’t play my previous save file in this version,is there anyone who have sầu the same problem like me?

The most stable DS emulator,great work guys. And very nice job with the speed issue (was kindomain authority annoying,now it’s great).

I’ve sầu read the comments and I don’t understvà very well something.Is this new version 0.9.10 (64-bits I’m using) compatible with the GBA slot feature? I am triyng khổng lồ make it work with Poketháng Platinum lớn get the instertion encounters. Is this working properly? I just have sầu lớn select the rom on the slot and that’s it?