Bài tập trắc nghiệm thì quá khứ tiếp diễn

Bài tập Tiếng AnhBÀI TẬP THÌ QUÁ KHỨ TIẾP.. DIỄN TIẾNG ANHI. Chia rượu cồn từ bỏ làm việc thì thừa khứ tiếp diễn1. ___________________down the street when it begin khổng lồ rain (go)At this time last year, I ___________________an English course (attend)Jlặng ________________ under the tree when he heard an explosion (stand)The boy fell and hurt himself while he _________________ a bicycle (ride)When we met them last year, they______________ in Santiago (live)The tourist lost his camera while he________________ around the đô thị (walk)The lorry _______________ very fast when it hit our oto (go)While I ____________________in my room, my roommate___________________ a tiệc ngọt in the other room (study/have)8. Mary và I___________________ the house when the telephone rang (just leave)9. We __________________ in the café when they saw us (sit)II. Chia động từ bỏ sinh sống thì vượt khứ hoặc thừa khứ tiếp diễn1. I ________________ (call) Mr Wilson at 9 last night, but he (notbe)_________________at home. He (study) _______________ at the library2. I _________________ (not hear) the thunder during the storm last night because I________________ (sleep)3. It was beautiful yesterday when we went for a walk in the park. Thesun______________(shine). The birds_____________(sing)4. My brother và sister ________________ (talk) about something when I________________ (walk) inkhổng lồ the room.5. Tom went khổng lồ his friends ‘house, but the boys ___________________ (not be) there.They (play)_____________soccer in the vacant lot down the street.6. The little boy _______________ (fall) asleep while hismother___________________ (read) him a story.7. I really enjoyed my holiday last January. While it_______________(snow) in Iowa,the sun ______________ (shine) in Floridomain authority.8. While Ted _______________ (shovel) snow from his driveway yesterday, his wife_________________ (bring) hyên ổn a cup of hot chocolate.Page 1 of 2Bài tập Tiếng Anh9. John _________________ (have) a car accident last week. He__________________ (drive) down the street when suddenly a lorry__________________ (hit) his car from behind.10. Ten years ago, the government _______________ (decide) to begin a foodprogramme. At that time, many people in the rural areas _______________ (starve)due to several years of drought.11. They ___________________(wait) for me when I _________________ at thestation (arrive)12. She ________________ (swim) in the sea when I ___________________ her (see)13. ___________________they__________________(play) tennis when it_________________ raining (start)?14. We __________________ (drive) trang chủ from the theatre when the police__________________(stop) us.15. The wind __________________ (blow) very hard when I ________________(go)out this morning.16. When she _____________________ (leave) hlặng, he _____________________(become) quite ill.17. I _______________(be) looking for some photos when you rang but I______________(not find) them.Page 2 of 2