Bài tập Tiếng AnhBÀI TẬP THÌ QUÁ KHỨ TIẾP.. DIỄN TIẾNG ANHI. Chia rượu cồn từ bỏ làm việc thì thừa khứ tiếp diễn1. ___________________down the street when it begin khổng lồ rain (go)At this time last year, I ___________________an English course (attend)Jlặng ________________ under the tree when he heard an explosion (stand)The boy fell and hurt himself while he _________________ a bicycle (ride)When we met them last year, they______________ in Santiago (live)The tourist lost his camera while he________________ around the đô thị (walk)The lorry _______________ very fast when it hit our oto (go)While I ____________________in my room, my roommate___________________ a tiệc ngọt in the other room (study/have)8. Mary và I___________________ the house when the telephone rang (just leave)9. We __________________ in the café when they saw us (sit)II. Chia động từ bỏ sinh sống thì vượt khứ hoặc thừa khứ tiếp diễn1. I ________________ (call) Mr Wilson at 9 last night, but he (notbe)_________________at home. He (study) _______________ at the library2. I _________________ (not hear) the thunder during the storm last night because I________________ (sleep)3. It was beautiful yesterday when we went for a walk in the park. Thesun______________(shine). The birds_____________(sing)4. My brother và sister ________________ (talk) about something when I________________ (walk) inkhổng lồ the room.5. Tom went khổng lồ his friends ‘house, but the boys ___________________ (not be) there.They (play)_____________soccer in the vacant lot down the street.6. The little boy _______________ (fall) asleep while hismother___________________ (read) him a story.7. I really enjoyed my holiday last January. While it_______________(snow) in Iowa,the sun ______________ (shine) in Floridomain authority.8. While Ted _______________ (shovel) snow from his driveway yesterday, his wife_________________ (bring) hyên ổn a cup of hot chocolate.Page 1 of 2Bài tập Tiếng Anh9. John _________________ (have) a car accident last week. He__________________ (drive) down the street when suddenly a lorry__________________ (hit) his car from behind.10. Ten years ago, the government _______________ (decide) to begin a foodprogramme. At that time, many people in the rural areas _______________ (starve)due to several years of drought.11. They ___________________(wait) for me when I _________________ at thestation (arrive)12. She ________________ (swim) in the sea when I ___________________ her (see)13. ___________________they__________________(play) tennis when it_________________ raining (start)?14. We __________________ (drive) trang chủ from the theatre when the police__________________(stop) us.15. The wind __________________ (blow) very hard when I ________________(go)out this morning.16.

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When she _____________________ (leave) hlặng, he _____________________(become) quite ill.17. I _______________(be) looking for some photos when you rang but I______________(not find) them.Page 2 of 2