Bt anh 9

các bài tập luyện tiếng Anh Unit 6, 7 lớp 9 tất cả đáp án xin mang đến thầy cô cùng chúng ta các bài luyện tập giờ Anh lớp 9 Unit 6, 7 gồm đáp án được sưu tầm cùng đăng download sau đây sẽ là nguồn tài liệu có lợi mang đến chúng ta học viên ôn tập và củng rứa kỹ năng và kiến thức ngữ pháp giờ đồng hồ Anh trọng điểm, sẵn sàng cực tốt cho bài học kinh nghiệm cũng giống như bài chất vấn sau này.

Choose the best option to complete each of the following sentences.

1. Can you turn ________the light? -It’s too dark.

A. on B. off C. in D. for

2. I suggest ________showers instead of taking bath.

A. take B. taking C. to take D. to lớn taking

3. - What are you looking ________? - My picture book. I’ve sầu lost it.

A. on B. off C. in D. for

4. A new air-conditioner will be ________tomorrow morning.

A. lớn intall B. installed C. installing D. install

5. Scientists are looking for an ________way to reduce energy consumption.

A. effect B. effection C. effective D. effectively

6. They are completely short of water now. A number of people have sầu died because of this ________.

A. shortage B. short C. shorten D. shortly

7. If you want to save money, you should ________the amount of water your family uses.

A. increase B. reduce C. adapt D. repair

8. In order to save electrithành phố, an ordinary 100-watt light bulb can be replaced by a(n) ________.

A. energy-saving bulb B. energy-save bulb

C. saving energy bulb D. save-energy bulb

9. You should get a (n)________lớn make sure there are no cracks in the pipes.

A. plumber B. mechanic C. electrician D. consumer

10. ________take the train instead of the bus? It’s faster and cheaper.

A. Why not B. Why don’t C. How about D. Let’s

11. If we ________less paper, we ________the number of trees in the forests.

A. used/ will save B. use/ can save C. can use/ save sầu D. use/ can

12. She won’t take all the suitcases ________she likes lớn travel light.

A. so B. but C. because D. therefore

13. She is very tired; ________, she has to finish her homework.

A. moreover B. so C. and D. however

14. - Is he an actor ________a singer? - An actor

A. và B. or C. with D. so

15. He was tired, ________he took a rest before continuing the work.

A. so B. và C. but D. if

16. Who looks ________your children when you are away from home?

A. for B. at C. after D. to

17. Why doesn’t she go ________with her university study?

A. in B. at C. lớn D. on

18. After coming home page, she cleaned the floor ________cooked dinner.

A. but B. however C. moreober D. and

19. They didn’t understvà the matter ________she didn’t ask for help.

A. but B. however C. moreover D. and

đôi mươi. How about ________posters on energy saving and hanging them around our school?

A. make B. making C. to make D. khổng lồ making

Give the correct khung of the verbs in brackets.

21. I suggest ________________some money. (collect)

22. What about ________________a shower instead of a bath khổng lồ save sầu energy. (take)

23. I think we should ________________off the faucets. (turn)

24. If we plant more trees along the streets, we ________________more shade and fresh air. (have)

25. If the pollution _____________on, the world will end up like a second-hvà junk-yard. (go)

Filling each gap with a suitable phrasal verb in the box.

turn on – turn off – look for – look after – go on – look forward khổng lồ – put off

26. Mai can’t go khổng lồ the movies with us tonight. She will have lớn ________her little sister.

27. If we ________wasting water, there will be a shortage of fresh water in a few decades.

28. “________the TV, will you? I want lớn watch the weather forecast.”

29. “ I think I’ve sầu lost my new pen. I’ve sầu ________it eveywhere.

30. Yen forgot khổng lồ ________the faucets when she letf home page for work.

31. I am ________hearing from you.

32. Never ________till tomorrow what you can vì today.

Match a word or phrase in column A with a definition in column B.

33. plumber

34. energy

35. solar

36. innovation

37. enormous

38. turn off

A. switch off

B. of or using the sun

C. a person whose job is lớn fix và repair things lượt thích water pipes.

D. the power from electrithành phố, gas, coal, ect that is used to make things work

E. a new idea, method

F. very big or very large.

Give the correct form of the word in brackets.

39. There is a ________________faucet in your kitchen. (drip)

40. We can protect the environment by ________________air pollution. (reduce)

41. I am very ________________because they use electriđô thị lớn catch fish. (worry)

42. I want khổng lồ see the ________________of environment from the local authority. (protect)

43. Scientists are looking for an effective way to lớn reduce energy _______________. (consume)

Complete the second sentences

44. It was raining, so we decided lớn postpone our camping.

Since _____________________________________.

45. She wants them to lớn sing a tuy vậy.

She suggests they _____________________________________.

46. She couldn’t join us because she was busy.

She was busy, so_____________________________________.

47. Shall we go to lớn the cinema tonight?

What about _____________________________________.

48. Why don’t we use energy-saving bulbs?

I suggest_____________________________________ .

49. Although she was not beautiful, she took part in a beauty conkiểm tra.

She wasn’t beautiful but _____________________________________.

50. Work hard & you will pass the exam.

If you _____________________________________.

51. If you don’t start working hard now, you won’t be able to lớn pass the final exam.

Unless _____________________________________ .

52. We are delighted. You passed your English exam.

We are delighted_____________________________________ .

53. She was tired & therefore she wanted lớn go home.

She wanted khổng lồ go trang chủ because _____________________________________.

Fill in each gap with a suitable word in the box.

energy – money – electricity – machines – by – save – how much – in

For most North American households, lighting accounts for 10 percent khổng lồ 15 percent of the _______(1) bill. However, this amount can be reduced_______(2) replacing an ordinary 110-watt light bulb with an _______(3) saving bulb. These bulbs use a quarter of the electricity of standard bulbs and last eight times longer. Therefore, consumers can _______(4) about US$ 7 to lớn $21 per bulb.

In Europe, there is a labeling scheme for refrigerators, freezers, washing _______(5) & tumble dryers. The label tells the consumers _______(6) energy efficicent each Mã Sản Phẩm is, compared with other appliances _______(7) the same category.

Ultimately, these innovations will save _______(8) as well as conserving the Earth’s sources.

ĐÁPhường ÁN

Choose the best option to complete each of the following sentences.

1 - A; 2 - B; 3 - D; 4 - B; 5 - C; 6 - A; 7 - B; 8 - C; 9 - A; 10 - D;

11 - B; 12 - C; 13 - D; 14 - B; 15 - A; 16 - C; 17 - D; 18 - D; 19 - D; 20 - B;

Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

21 - collecting; 22 - taking; 23 - turn; 24 - will have; 25 - goes;

Filling each gap with a suitable phrasal verb in the box.

26 - look after; 27 - go on; 28 - Turn on; 29 - look for;

30 - turn off; 31 - look forward to; 32 - put off;

Match a word or phrase in column A with a definition in column B.

33 - C; 34 - D; 35 - B; 36 - E; 37 - F; 38 - A;

Give the correct form of the word in brackets.

39 - dripping; 40 - reducing; 41 - worried; 42 - protection; 43 - comsumption;

Complete the second sentences

44 - Since it was raining,we decided to lớn postpone our camping,.

45 - She suggests they should sing a tuy nhiên.

46 - She was busy, so she couldn"t join us.

47 - What about going to lớn the cinema tonight?

48 - I suggest using energy-saving bulbs.

49 - She wasn’t beautiful but she took part in a beauty conthử nghiệm.

50 - If you work hard, you will pass the exam.

51 - Unless you work hard, you won’t be able khổng lồ pass the final exam.

52 - We are delighted that you passed our English exam.

53 - She wanted to go trang chính because she was tired.

Fill in each gap with a suitable word in the box.

1 - electricity; 2 - by; 3 - energy; 4 - save;

5 - machines; 6 - how much; 7 - in; 8 - money;

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