The Best Car Audio, Window Tinting, HID / LED Interior & Exterior Custom Lighting, DVD Monitors, Backup Cameras, Car Security, Remote Starters, Car Wrapping, Wheels, Tires, và More!!! Serving the greater Jackson, Ms area.

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Let our oto audio experts select, kiến thiết, & install the perfect car stereo system for your vehicle.




We have a wide variety of tự động hóa accessories include DVD monitors, backup cameras, remote starters, wheels, tires, và MORE!

Audio Solutions và Accessories specializes in car audio / car stereo sales, service, và installation. We offer both auto & commercial window tinting, HID / LED interior và exterior custom lighting, DVD monitors, backup cameras, oto security, remote starters, car wrapping, wheels, tires, và more!!!

With over 25 years of professional experience as authorized dealers, you will be able lớn cửa hàng with the peace of mind knowing that we can meet any of your budget needs while providing the best equipment available và with the best service imaginable.

Our custom installation services cover each và every aspect of the installations. From the pre-wiring và wire terminations khổng lồ the final programming and fine-tuning of all the equipment. We’ll even walk you through all the functions of your new equipment lớn ensure that you can enjoy everything it has lớn offer.

And you will be covered by our lifetime warranty on services rendered, giving you no reason to worry and every reason lớn contact us today so we can get you started on your journey to lớn better entertainment & convenience.

With Audio Solutions và Accessories you have 3 different leasing / finance options to choose from… Why wait when you can get it today!

We are an authorized installer for Intoxaloông chồng Ignition Interlock! Intoxaloông chồng is a top-rated ignition interloông chồng provider with affordable pricing and a reliable, high-chất lượng, easy-to-use device. Our certified Intoxaloông chồng technicians install, service & remove these devices. The Intoxalock on-site calibration station kiosk makes servicing the device fast and simple. Let us help you get bachồng on the road after a DUI with an ignition interloông xã device.

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If you need an ignition interloông xã device installed in your vehicle, call Intoxaloông chồng directly at (833) 918-1407 & mention that you’d lượt thích to install with us. They will phối up your trương mục and schedule your appointment.